Saturday, March 17, 2007

The carwash as womb

Our car has not been washed since Wren was born so today I vowed to drive it through the carwash two blocks from our house. I drive by it all the time but Wren is either yelling or asleep and neither seemed like the right moment - turns out I was wrong.

Wren was on the verge of sleep as I drove into the carwash. He had been fighting sleep for a while - all through my shopping trip to village maternity for a breast pump (since this head cold combo he will only nurse on one side, go figure) and in the Starbucks line while I waited for my tall-soy-decaf-latte. [Aside: why don't Starbucks offer a soy-milk selection. They make it with regular soy which is very sweet. Coffee tastes much better made with unsweetened soy!]

As soon as I drove into the carwash he went into a limp deep sleep. He slept so well that when we got home I cleaned the inside of the car while he stayed asleep in his carseat. Then I did the laundry. Then I sorted the laundry. Then I cleaned the inside of the laundry tub.

I put it down to the womblike watery wooshing of the carwash.

Wren is still sick - he has a very stuffed up nose and his eyes are still a bit goopy. He also has a cough and didn't sleep well the first half of the night but made up for it later on.

Friday, March 16, 2007

We prevail!

I have to confess that I ate a chocolate cupcake for breakfast today. The only ameliorating fact is that I made the chocolate cupcake from scratch yesterday - it wasn't one of those Bad Betty style things.

Now for the good news: Frost is back at school, Wren is able to see out of both eyes and I am able to walk in a straight line without coffee. We had some sleep and things are going well.

Beside, I am still on a little cloud from the feeling of winning something. I used to feel lucky but going through 3 miscarriages and then finding out Wren had a heart defect has left me feeling that I keep pulling the short straw. Now I have a chance to do more than cope for a change.

Order of the day:
1) antibiotic eyedrops in Wren's eyes.
2) diaper change
3) laundry
4) nurse Wren
5) hunt for the lost library books
6) diaper change
99) shower and wash my hair

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pediatrician said...

His ears are fine, his chest is clear and he just has a cold/eye infection/cough combo. We have eye ointment for him which is a pain to put in (for him and for us). He has slept much of the day and has not nursed very well because of the copious mucus in his nose. His eyes are still very goopy and puffy and he is quite sad.

Josh says those bulb syringes are hopeless. He has been fishing for a visible lump of mucus in Wren's nose to no avail. Wren wishes he would stop.

I fear tonight will not be a good sleep but I had a lovely nap this afternoon and feel refreshed. I may even make cupcakes.

Frost is fine although his nose is still a bit stuffy

Pediatrician today

I seem to be spending way too much time at the pediatrician lately.

Wren is going in at noon to have his ears and eyes checked. He has the eye infection (back) in both eyes, a head cold and cough. Dr Levitt suggests we try erythromycin drops but wants to make sure he doesn't have an ear infection.

Wren is sad - shiny little red rimmed eyes, a crusty nose and low appetite.

Welcome the day

Geez, I knew I was tired this morning when my eyes 'mistook' a piece of playmobil for a spider. I jumped. I developed this spider phobia living with my ex-husband in Australia. Australia has the biggest spiders I have ever seen, called huntsmen and Phil (my ex) had a serious conviction that they were after him. Living with him for many years gave me a similar perspective but thesedays of small arachnids I am almost over it.

Why am I talking about spiders? I don't know. Chalk it up to sleep deprivation because it was a long night. The only reason I am not grumpy is that when I came into the living room to put Wren in the swing to sleep longer (at 7am) the living room was all cleaned up at midnight by the magic Joshua-fairy. There is a god!

The long-night started okay with Wren putting himself to sleep unswaddled and without his nightly meds. He woke a few hours later because his nose was all blocked so we snorkeled it out with that snorkelling blue bulb thing and he hated that. A few hours later I was up again for The Next Big Poop. Since Wren has started going a day between poops he is delivering an extra dose of love with each one. This involved pajama change, diaper change and lights being on. Then we noticed his eyes were shut and thought they were gummed shut from eye infection (not the case, he was clenching them shut against the light) and soaked them with a warm cloth which he hated.

THEN he couldn't get back to sleep because of his nose and I had to snorkel it a couple of times even though its not really blocked its drippy and impedes his nose-breathing. This also messed with his nursing. I got up a few more times to wash my hands, pee, pull the mimi out of Frost's sleeping mouth so his orthodonitic bill isn't too impossible and checked Wren for fever.

I had the requisite few nightmares involving furniture, cleaning and losing children.

I got up at 7.02am with some relief. The night is over. Welcome the day

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wren is 3 months old today

Wren was born three months ago today. It feels like at least half a year has passed and he is wearing 6-12 month size clothing but the dates do not lie: he is only 13ish weeks old.

Besides being large, Wren is pretty average for his age. He turns to listen to us when we speak to him, smiles in response to a smile and has recently started to grab toys hanging in front of him. The movies below show him swatting at things and grabbing hold of some of them:

He makes lots of hoots, grunts and oo noises as well as something that sounds like "Hiee" although he talks mostly when you are talking to him and doesn't make much noise if he is playing or in his chair watching things.

Frost continues to view Wren as a toy that can be made to respond in interesting ways. He has to be watched vigilantly or he reverts to his favorite game of "make Wren scared" because he finds the reaction of open eyes and startle interesting. He will also find amusement by putting food on Wren's head and watching what happens. As you can imagine this is not well received by anyone.

We had some good news yesterday. We won a raffle at the KapKa fundraiser and the prize was a portrait with a professional photographer (this is where Joshua starts groaning). I haven't seen the voucher yet so I am not sure what is involved but I hope we can have a picture of the family with Wren in it. Suffice to say we will not be sitting in a pyramid arrangement on a black box.

Meanwhile, I saw the naturopath this morning and have been prescribed a laundry list of things to take: cod liver oil, vitamins, a chinese herbal remedy called Curing or Curin Wan for digestive health (she thinks I have no fully recoverd from the Stomach flu based on my tongue etc), exercize and a blood panel to check calcium and iron and lots of other things.

Today, Frost was off school again although his eye is now looking fine. He and I had a horrible middle of the day as Wren was crying a lot before nap and hard to set down and Frost kept running into the room shouting and refusing to leave but I was saved by television in the early afternoon in the form of a Scooby Do movie. Now, if I was televisionless in my Yurt I may have been saved by macrame or baking bread but television was great, today.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Frost has pinkeye

I had both boys at home today and while it was a happy day it was also very very tiring. Wren napped okay but was quite high maintenance between naps and Frost was feeling fine but confined at home so he was bouncing around after me talking nineteen to the dozen about "guys" and "shows" and "games" and "what I was thinking..."

I couldn't keep up.

I have been giving Frost antibiotics for his eyes but while his eyes look fine the drops really hurt and burn for a while so he may have a reaction to them.

Wren's eyes are pretty okay but he is still a bit miserable. Just not as resilient as usual.

Josh is home in twilight due to daylight saving and we are having a "build your own sushi" dinner as soon as Wren falls asleep.

All I want to do is lie in a hot bubble bath and then watch TV, preferably alone. At least one of these things is going to happen but since I am unsure whether Frost will be at school tomorrow he needs to have priority EAT-SLEEP stuff happening.

"Pretty cool base camp, huh?" asks Frost about the small collection of army guys and terrain he has arranged around the living room floor "Hey Shannon, check out its a double laser gun tank. It shoots two guns."

The reason he has these guys is all about my low level of resistance today at the consignment store. I was in a YES MAKE IT EASY mood. He has been trying to nag me into submission ever since. Peanut butter pretzels, gummi worms and ovaltine have been the result.

Tomorrow the lines will be redrawn.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Wren has a cold

Wren has a cold and didn't sleep restfully last night. He tossed and groaned and did his half-away rapid-breathing thing unless I rocked him or swung him or nursed him. This morning he had a very snotty nose and a bit of a cough. That said, he is doing okay with it and seems hungry and happy as normal when awake.

Meanwhile, he is spending longer periods of time on the gymini mat wihtout complaining. He reaches out and grabs the toy lion with the rattly feet and the woozle and tugs them around a bit. This is all new behaviour. Until a few days ago he was only batting at things but now he is almost always holding on and involuntarily shaking them which keeps him entertained.

I have been a bit lazy about tummy time because it makes him spit up if he has eaten recently and its hard to do it when he's hungry or tired. Still, he can hold his head up and pushes a bit with his hands.

Yesterday Josh played guitar for him and he really seemed to like that. He was lying on this diaper change wedge (his favorite place) kicking his legs and stretching them out while waving his arms and making little hooting sounds.

Last night I made it to the KapKa fundraiser for an hour and bid on a number of "party activities" for Frost and one of us. They all sounded super fun but Frost said I HAD TO buy a ticket for the rocket making party because that sounded "super cool".

Right now I am very inclined to find things for Frost that are super cool as he is not getting out as much as we used to. Once again, today is a rainy cold day with a grey sky and no hint of that spring glint that was around a few weeks ago. I am sure the peas Josh planted are happy for the watering.

This weekend we have Honey Bear staying with us. Honey Bear is a bear with a long history at KapKa. He visits the K-kids with his journal and they get to take him around and write about it. Here is Honey Bear visiting a toy shop and an eponymous coffee shop. Wren stayed home napping and it was a chance for Frost and I to have a bit of time on our own.