Friday, July 15, 2011

Wren tells a story about monsters

Once upon a time….
There was a elemental that killed volcanoes but one volcano was good and it came out of that volcano.  It was made of out water, death, sun, flame, tree, wood.
This is the inspiration for Wren's Story

The elemental was so huge it could even grab birds and eat them.


It could jump and flame and turn into a little ball of flame and it could crush all rocks and demons and it could crush everything it could see except the flame god.  It was very simple.  IT was the flame god and the rainbow god.  The FLAME Rainbow.  IT could never hurt the life of itself.  

The life of itself is the world it lives on. It can’t crush that because it IS ON the world.

The elemental went on a walk in a volcano and he saw a thing like a bat that was on fire.   It was his friend the flame adjuster and the flame queen.

He saw all his friends all red and black.

They got out of the volcano and went on a walk and fought demons and evil flame adjusters and lots of things.  They went on and on until they found the Gold Ruby of the Heart.  They’d never known they’d picked it up.  The Fusion Elemental put it in his tree elbow and went back to his volcano and jumped in and summoned the flame friends.

And fore-on he is still summoning those flame friends.

The End.