Friday, December 31, 2010

Sickle Moon

I've just been woken up early by a phone-call from Florida.  Some guy would like to confirm his juice bar is the right Juice Bar.   I galloped out of bed to catch it and thanked him, hoping my voice was not too clouded by sleep.  I've been doing some freelance work confirming restaurant details and with the time zones in the US, I get these callbacks at odd times. 

Apparently, the curve of the earth has already found the sun, in Florida.

Back here in the PNW its still darkish.  The raccoons are making their way home and the sickle moon is still bright against the morning sky.   Wren is asleep in my bed after waking twice in the night which is quite unusual for him.  The only reason Wren usually wakes up is when Kitty Haiku has slept in his bedroom and scratches to be let out.  He mistakes her scratching for a raccoon and calls out in alarm.

Last night he told me he had "lost soft [shirt]."  I helped him find it.

The second time he was "very hot and wide awake now".   It was 5am and he didn't feel hot but I brought him to our bed where I promptly fell asleep and dreamed of strange permutations on the holidays while Wren squirmed and kicked me and snored with a slight whistle.

Seagulls are flying overhead and the sky is pink.  The buds on the camellia are getting larger and a few have tiny pricks of red on them.  In a few weeks we should have flowers.  What can pollinate this tree in the dead of winter?
Catching Up
The week before Christmas I took the boys to the Pacific Science Center to see a show of puzzles and challenges called Mindbender Mansion.  They both enjoyed running around filling in clues on their cards but the puzzles were too hard for Wren, and Frost at times.  The one they both loved was a large conveyer belt with wooden food trays on it.  There were puzzle pieces that you had to insert into the trays before they moved away into the machine.  This food tray filling race was always full of kids but the boys managed to get a turn.  Here they are earning their own high score:

Frost rushing to grab food for the next tray.
On the way home we took a route through Queen Anne.  We chanced apon a tree which had fallen the day before during a strong windstorm which swept through the area.  We were barely affected but there were many trees down due to the soil being sodden from days of rain.   The boys and I were very impressed by the dramatic scene.  Nobody was in the car when the tree fell, thankfully.

The unlucky car but its lucky owner.

It was a large tree.

The boys sneak up to peer inside.  Frost says "The windscreen
was broken!"

Wren says "I am looking like that because I want to be AHSOME [sic]"