Monday, November 21, 2011

"I am just being sarcactus"

Wren has spent most of the last 2 days in pajamas.  This is in reaction to having to get dressed for preschool in the dark most mornings.  Winter is a real drag at the moment even though we have been enjoying brilliant icy mornings with saphire blue skies which look all the brighter against the crimson maples still in leaf.

Beezle admires the fall color at Greenlake

Wren is almost 5 years old.  If he lived in  less than a month he could be going to Kindergarten.  He is talkative, obsessed with Minecraft and canned cream and uses many long words coined from Frost.

Today, he said something terrible to Frost and then said "I am just being sarcactus."
On interrogation he explained that Frost had told him "Being sarcactus means you are saying bad stuff by joking."

"I am a duuuude.  I am dressed for dancing. 
I am in a dance club.  I like to dance to Revenge - this song about
a Minecraft guy who has a diamond sword and at the end
of the song he kills a bunch of Creepers."

I wasn't sure he had it right.