Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 4th Party

Frost loves the 4th of July.  The 4th and Halloween are close favorites - he says that the one he prefers "depends on the situation", how much candy is available vs the quantity of Fireworks.

This year we had a party starting at 5pm with BBQ and pies, and fireworks on the basketball court.  The fireworks at home were the small ones, however thanks to Fred and his friend Arlo, the boys had a large arsenal of fireworks from Boom City - the huge fireworks market on an Indian Reservation north of town.

In Seattle, it is illegal to sell fireworks but there are many for sale in neighboring counties where it is legal to set them off.  Frost and Alex bought more 'big ones' this year - not necessarily big in size but in effect - rather than the many small fountains and sparklers which tend to become repetitious over time.

During the afternoon we drank mohitos and ate sausages and salmon with Fred's excellent potato salad.  Some of the guys watched a Sounders Game.

"Seaaaatle, Soundeeerrrrs"  0-0 and Josh says that is an okay outcome.
Later we enjoyed two pies and icecream along with my infamous 14 egg flourless chocolate cake into which we inserted a homemade beeswax candle which (the drunk women) said looked like a big dick.  It did not.  It looked like a candle!

The 14-egg flourless chocolate cake.
I was very proud of it.

Frost was laughing too much to focus on the big candle but
his friends forced him to turn and BLOW IT OUT!
Frost cuts the cake (don't let the knife touch the bottom
or you don't get your wish!) Frost said it didn't matter
if he touched because his wish was for cake and he was
certainly going to get some! (with Nelson and Wren. Photo credit
to Lauren B).
At dusk, around 9pm, we went to an area where fireworks are allowed and let of the two large boxes of them.  Frost and Alex had an order set up but as things emerged they were running around with lighters yelling at everyone.   Another family arrived at the same time with a similar quantity and some older teenagers were set up on the skate rink.

Enemy Suppression!!!!  It shoots
sideways without warning!
Photo:  Tara's dumb phone takes good pictures!!

KA-BOOM (photo credit to Tara K!)

The boys set off fireworks like War Chest, Big Dinger, Main Squeeze, Enemy Suppression, CHAOS, Festival Balls.  Josh's favorite was Enemy Suppression while Frost enjoyed the misfires - when Nelson inserted a mortar ball upside down into the Festival Ball tube and it exploded IN the tube and the roman candles which ricocheted off the fence.  I loved the HUGE box of smoking colored parachutes (19 shots!) which we did in daylight.   All the children ran to catch the red parachutes as they emerged from enemy fire.

Wren (in yellow) runs away once the fuse is lit!!!

Jack and Frost made a Creeper out of boxes and paint and inserted a roman candle in its head.  When it was let off the creeper fell over and everyone yelled and raised their hands - "SUCCESS!"

Frost says it is more fun to set off your own fireworks.
Parachutists open in a puff of colored smoke
as kids run to catch them.  "Look how many
I caught!" said Wren, with a handful of muddled
chutes and string.
Josh is still sniffing from the smoke and I smell like Sulphur.  

Frost said "it was the best 4th of July since the first FOURTH of July."

Wren said "I am very tired and I must go to sleep now."  It was 11pm so he did.  I can still hear the pop and thud of fireworks in the distance.