Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Results fine

Wren's CBC came back almost normal.  His platelet count is okay so his big bruises are due to his athletic and high impact lifestyle.

However, his haemocrit was 32 which is low-normal.  He needs some multi-vitamins with iron.

I had my hair cut this morning while sleet and hail fell from a slate sky.  We're in an ultra-cold-air system coming from the arctic.  I imagine the wind coming over the Bering Sea and scouring the street outside.  Unfortunately, my atmospheric dramas are not borne out by my experience.  For some reason, beside the piece of skin revealed above my purple leg-warmers, it does not feel cold.   I wonder if this is because I have been eating veggie bacon and toast for breakfast and not running.  Oddly, running did not make me lose weight while not-running and eating bacon breakfasts is trimming me down.  What's that about you metabolic sports experts?

Last night we saw a possum in the sleet.  I threw him an old hamburger bun and he dwardled out from under the cover of the leafless hydraenga to pick up the pieces.   If we are now attacked by hordes of marauding possums, you can blame it on me.

Hawaii seems a long way away.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Platelets again

Wren saw the doctor today for a minor infection but due to his ongoing bruising she decided to do a CBC with platelet count.

I explained that I knew about most of the large bruises he has at the moment - a fall at preschool over some blocks, a fall on the sidewalk yesterday, a fall playing basketball - but she said she had been worrying since our last visit and was glad to have the chance to set her mind at rest.

We should have the results from the blood test within 24 hours.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jurrassic Cheese: Making cheese in the digital age

We are cuddled up watching Jurassic Park.  We're watching it because it is one of many movies filmed on Kauai.  I had forgotten how scary it is!

Recently, I have been working two freelance jobs and feeling quite busy.  Josh, however, has found time to make his first batch of cheese! 

It began with him saying to me that he was going to make cheese.  As you know, I've been trying to avoid animal foods and so I didn't say anything.  He said it a few more times but didn't do anything.  While at the library a few weeks ago I noticed a book on Making Cheese so I brought it home for Josh and he did some reading.  After a few days he was done, and I returned it.

Fast forward to last weekend  when Josh made Neuchatel cream cheese from some organic Straus farm milk, rennet and cultures he bought at the Cellar Homebrew store on Greenwood.  There was a steep learning curve as he navigated important questions such as "is butter muslin of similar guage to a mesh nutmilk straining bag?" and "how clear is whey?" and "how do you keep your milk at 72 degrees for 12 hours without burning up the home heating?"

Wren watches the whey drip

The curds drip from the butter muslin bag
After much mess and many transitions, a fridge reorganization and more dairy products than a self-avowed "almost vegan" could be seen alive with, the cheese was ready.  It was delicious.

We bought bagels one morning just to have bagels and cream cheese.

Last night we made a dip of cream cheese, chives, vegan mayo and a bit of soy milk with seasoning, diced cucumber and served it with chips.  It was all eaten up.  Mum, I styled it after that cream cheese dip you made throughout the 70s and even put a bit of sugar in it to make it taste right. 

Josh swears that he will be working on a cinnamon cheddar marbled with Liz's cider.  I am not sure about the cinnamon.  I hope he makes me some with caraway, instead.