Friday, June 13, 2008

Argh, Lego is the plural

Although Frost has ample Lego, I keep an eye on Craigslist for choice listings and garage sales where we might find mini-figures for Frost or construction Duplo for Wren. My ongoing search term of "Lego" has sparse offerings... every day or so someone lists an X-box game or a bundle of mega-blocks disguised as Lego but not much interesting.

But yesterday, I hit the motherload. I discovered that the Craigslist search engine does not search using the string in other words so my LEGO search did not include LEGOS. Silly me. I never thought a person would say LEGOS but apparently Americans like to pluralize Lego with an "s" and all their sales were listed in this way. I guess one could buy a single Lego block but most people want more which is why they stick on the S.

After I got over the sighing and rolling my eyes part, I have been enjoying catching up on all the LegoS I have missed and having a few more hits on my RSS feed.

Frost's First Sleepover

Frost slept the night at the school sleepover. It was the first night he has slept away from home and he did very well. I did not get a midnight call to come and fetch him and he didn't need to pee in the night.

He is very matter of fact about it but I got Wren to bed at 7.15pm and Josh and I watched a movie and had dinner alone! It was marvelous.

I can see more sleepovers in Frost's future.

After fetching Frost from the park after the sleepover we went to the zoo in hopes of seeing the Siamungs. They were looking rather sad and snuggling inside, probably because of the awful weather. They did not make the impressive hooting and hollering that Wren imitates whenever he sees a monkey.

After the zoo I took Frost and Wren to Kidd Valley for a chicken burger and they shared an Oreo Shake. Everyone was very pleased and it was a good way to start SUMMER VACATION! Yes, Frost has finished first grade and is now on break until September.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Deck Cometh (and so does cardiology clinic)

This past week we started our deck project. We have a contractor building a deck off the patio doors at the rear of the house. It is going briskly and OK so far although giving our builder clearer measurements on the plan would have saved a few mis-starts.

Right now, I am contemplating whether the stairs are in the right place or I should ask him to move them a foot to the right.

Anyway, the kids are fascinated by the project and very upset not to be able to get out the back door to the yard. Wren in particular is sad to be cut off from the stairs to the diggers in the cat-poopy sand box.

My shopping list from the hardware store:

1) More play sand because cats pooped in the sandbox.
2) More pipe insulation because Wren chewed and tore up the one we had bought.
3) A new float for the cistern because the old one broke off and made the toilet run all the time.
4) Deck sealant and stain from the Environmental Home Center when the deck is ready!

Meanwhile, on a less fun note, Wren has a sedated echo on Monday 16th June. He cannot eat from 4am onwards so he will have a grumpy few hours from 5.20am when he wakes up like clockwork till 7.45am when we have our appointment.

He looks so energetic and happy that I hope he is doing ok inside as well.