Monday, May 23, 2011

People Need Sleep

We are fatigued.  The Dog likes to get up at 5.30am.  Seriously UP not just a pee-break.  I have already mopped, done washing, dishes, cleaned kitchen, vacuumed, read the Sunday paper, had breakfast and coffee and its only 9am.

The amazing thing is the Joshua is ALSO up because it was All His Fault that the dog is up and not being forced back to bed in his kennel-crate.  Its his fault because he fell asleep on the couch with The Dog and then The Dog woke him at 5.30am with face licking and Morning love.

Anyway, he is still cute and lovely but he needs to learn to sleep in and go to bed later.  Josh is kind of okay being awake because there is some important soccer stuff (last week of English Premier League and its going to decide who gets sent down into the lower division) going on.

In an hour we are taking Beeze for his first puppy training class.  Josh is going to be the family representative and we are going to watch.

Beezle owns Joshua while watching English Premier League

Sunday, May 22, 2011

No Rapture in Seattle

Beezle enjoyed his first visit to the playground today.  He hates his collar but once its off he runs and follows us well.  I took the stroller so he could ride in it on the walk there and back.

On the way we passed a sign outside the house.  The sign read "HAPPY RAPTURE".   If you haven't been keeping up with the news, many people have been anticipating the rapture today (last night) - but nothing catastrophic has happened.

Outside the rapture house there was a pile of clothes - pants, boots, shirts - strewn across the sidewalk.  We laughed and I explained to the kids that it was a joke about all the chosen Christians being taken up to Heaven.

Frost wondered why they would all be naked.