Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Office

I just have to say that The Office is my favorite TV show. Its hysterical. I am going to have to get the whole thing from Season One and watch it with wine somenight(s). Anyone want to join me?

Friday, June 8, 2007

A tooth, a tooth!

I think Wren is growing at least one tooth. His front middle gum has a tiny hole in it that wasn't there yesterday and its white around it. There are also reddish lumps on either side of the middle teeth. He is chewing and drooling but he has been chewing and drooling for 3 months now.

The only difference is that he is a bit more fussy during the day despite being well napped.

I am making sushi rolls for dinner. I have just made a folded seasoned japanese omelette for some tamago sushi. It is the first time in over a year I have made this. It was fun. It is sitting in the bamboo roller right now cooling.

I am also doing smoked salmon sushi medium rolls, small rolls with cucumber and avocado for Frost and some medium rolls with tofu and vegetables for Frost. I am in the mood for wasabi. Someday Lynne and I are going to have to go to her neighborhood sushi spot for a treat because I am really missing out on the unagi with this dinner. Its my favorite by far.

Josh is having mac and cheese for dinner and sushi for starter but he doesn't know that yet.

Fabulous night

We have had some ups and downs with sleep this week but bast night was the best yet. Wren went from bedtime till getting up without crying ONCE! (although he just cried for 10 minutes for nap. Ugh).

He went to bed at 8.15pm. I had meant to put him down earlier but he woke so late that morning and napped 2 hours which meant he had a catnap at 5.30pm and wasn't tired by 7.45 as I had planned.

I put him down alert and expected crying but he was fine and rolled about a bit and went to sleep!

I nursed at 10.30pm (when he roused, thanks for those who suggested that) and he went back to sleep afterwards.

I nursed again at 4.30am when he roused (half an hour later than normal) and he went back to sleep again at 4.45 with a bit of gas and gurgling stomach. I think it would be better to eliminate this nursing but I will work toward making it later.

He woke at 6am thinking it was morning and cooed and chattered in his bed. Usually I pick him up and nurse him at this point but I hid under the blanket and by 6.25 he had gone back to sleep until 7.10am which was the HOPED FOR waking time.

This week we are selling his rainforest swing on Craigslist and it has been replaced with a Baby Einstein jumperoo thing. Its a little seat he stands in surrounded by baby psychedelia. He can bounce out his enthusiasm.

Wren is extremely rolly polly thesedays. He still prefers to roll one direction only (towards his swollen leg) but is doing that with alacrity. He rolls from tummy to back and then back to tummy often enough to make me dizzy. He is starting to push up with straight arms and can sometimes move forwards but pushing against the floor with his feet. He has also started to lift up his legs and arms a bit off the floor in that "airplane" stance.

Frost loves playing with Wren and comes in every morning and tries to lift him up by his arms into standing position. He loves to hold him upright while he wobbles.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Frosts's birthday

Every night as he goes to sleep Frost tells me he thinks about his birthday party. He plans it to be like a game of chase at school where he gets lots of cool presents *from us*.

He is full of desires - triggered by ads on TV and by passing interests - but has certain themes which recur. As of today, these are the things Frost has put on his birthday wish list (for later discussion with Grandparents!):

1) Star Wars lego minifigures especially Darth Vader and some guys with lightsabers. These are hard to procure and you end up having to buy a set such as this one to get lots of "the guys":

2) The Castle Skull Fortress by Papo

3) A playmobil Knights Market Shop

4) 3 Playmobil Green Dragon knights (& their leader)

5) Some bad guys from Papo.

6) Candy

Frost has decided to sell his current Playmobil castle and a big truck to raise money for some of his hoped-for gifts including this new castle. We shall see if this works out.

Day 7 and the hacky sack

Wren has a new favorite toy - an old orange and plaid hacky sack of Josh's. He loves to hold it and shake it and chew it and drop it. Unlike many other toys he can play with this for an extended period. He is very driven to chew and drool and his greatest excitement is getting hold of handfulls of hair and tugging. He also laughs when Joshua pretends to bite his tummy or shoulder. I think he is ticklish.

Tonight is very hot and both Wren and Frost tossed and turned before getting to sleep. Last night Wren slept very well despite an unscheduled 4am wakeup when I left the alarm on by mistake. I nursed him since we were all wake and he had trouble getting back to sleep (was chatting and kicking in the crib) then slept in till 7.15am so we had an easy day with the 3 naps fitting in just fine.

He is napping much better now he is being kept up shorter periods between naps. He never wakes in less than an hour and has slept for over 1.5 hours at a naptime two days in a row.

Tonight I am going to see what happens if I don't wake him to nurse at all after 10pm.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sleep Training Day 6

In less than a week life has been transformed. Wren goes to bed around 8pm without crying or nursing. I nurse him in his sleep when I come to bed and again around 4am and he wakes at 6.15am. He is still a bit restless from 4am-6ish and I am working to eliminate that 4am nursing in case it wakes him from a deep sleep period and he has trouble settling in again.

This morning I nursed him when he woke and he slept till 7.30am!

Yesterday we started putting him down to nap after 2 hours awake or when he looked tired. This was substantially sooner than the schedule I had been following for the past 5 days. His naps when MUCH better this way - perhaps avoiding him becoming overtired. He napped 1 hour each nap, almost 2 hours one nap and had a little short 4th nap from which I woke him to make sure he would be tired at bedtime.

Tonight I am going to try and not wake him for his 4am nursing and see when he complains.

He is a happy fat chunker - weighed 19.5 lbs at the naturopath yesterday. It was so great to be able to see a naturopath instead of a specialist allopathic doctor. We talked about Wren's eczema and food introduction. When he is 6 mths we are going to start with yams, pear, apple purees with a few drops of a mild prescription iron. He is to have no grains for 3-4 months longer due to Frost's gluten problems and his eczema.

Today we are going garage sale-ing.