Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ups and downs

This evening Wren showed the first sign of getting over his week of vomiting followed by diarrhea. I am now glad for all the applesauce I have been feeding him which seems to be helping his tummy. However, he is also growing that tooth I mentioned a while ago and is having interrupted nights so I am getting very low on sleep.

Frost is a bit under the weather with a drippy nose that causes coughing and wakings at night and, no sooner have I recovered from that stomach bug than I developed a sore throat and partial laryngitis. It seems to be worsening and I am exhausted so I am hoping for a slightly better night than last night on which Wren slept from 8pm till 4.30am with wakings at 11.30pm and 12.30am.

Still, Josh came home early today and we managed to buy our Xmas tree which is on a table in the kitchen so as to keep it out of reach of little hands. I shall post pictures later.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

First Snow

Wren and I were very excited to share his first snow day this afternoon. Here he is at the window showing the thick wet snowflakes falling. He is looking at the camera but moments before was pointing, hooting and shrieking at the snow outside. I shrieked too which made him laugh and shriek louder.

Frost and Joshua are not sharing this moment because they are out at Laurelhurst for Frost's "cognitive ability" testing. Its something required for admission to either of the public school accelerated learning programs. We are interested to see whether Frost would be eligible for either of these programs to help us evaluate our choices for 3rd Grade. Since the snow started while he was in the classroom I expect he will be very excited when he gets out.

He was very peeved to go out because he was playing on his laptop. I am starting to hate the laptop and plot for its demise or a rotation schedule in which it goes on holiday Monday, Wednesday and Friday to allow for a more social inquiring mind. I am not sure Joshua agrees. Wren is the only one in the household who does not own a laptop and he is upset about it, constantly trying to climb on ours, shut them and hammer on the keyboards.

Illness strikes

Ugh. Perhaps I should leave it there. Wren and I have been sick since Wednesday. On Wednesday afternoon Wren threw up on me in the Lowes electrical aisle. He threw up on the floor and the cart and everything. After that he seemed happy enough but has had a nasty upset stomach since and eats much less than normal but wants to nurse more.

On Thursday night I was up all night throwing up. I dozed for 30 minutes between bouts of heaving and couldn't keep a sip of water down. I managed to drag myself up at 5.30am with Wren and drank a bit of water but spent much of the day lying down. Josh took the day off and lay down too (since I woke him at 3am and 6.30am). We couldn't even get Frost to school so he had the day off.

I am feeling better today and hoping none of the other family members get this nasty disease.