Saturday, May 21, 2011

Welcome Beezle (and First Visit to a Vet)

Let me introduce our new dog.  His name is Beezle Budger McSqueeze.  Right now he is sleeping in his crate kennel (door open) with his nose hanging out.  His long fluffy skunk is on the floor next to him but he is unconcerned by the skunk, the noise, the warm wind from the garden.  He is doing his Sleep.

He is very sweet natured and very small.  Because he does not yet have a fully developed immune system we are keeping him at home and with us rather than going out and about with other dogs.  However, today he went to the vet and she said that by the weekend his vaccinations should give him enough protection to go to puppy class.

He will be intrigued to meet other dogs.

For now, he loves lying in the sun, chasing his toys, napping in his kennel and running in the garden.  On the grass he is so low down that his whole belly gets wet in the morning.  He rushes after dandelions which stick out of the grass and attacks them.  He would also attack the hyacinths but we are very careful to chase him off them because many garden plants are toxic.

Here are some pictures of Beezle in his first week with us.

Beezle relaxes in the sunshine
Beezle loves the warm sun and sleeping

Frost holds Beezle who is a bit sleepy

Tara cuddles Beezle

Alex is careful with Beezle

Frost tries to get Beezle interested in a twig

Can I eat the camera?
Alex, Beezle, Frost and Wren

Beezle is not entirely relaxed about his situation in this picture.

The Vet Visit
Beezle was very good on his first Vet visit.  She gave him a dewormer and a vaccine for kennel cough because he will be meeting puppies in the week ahead.   Otherwise, he is fine and doesn't need another vet visit except routine vaccinations in a few weeks.