Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Its been a busy week. We have been getting ready to go on vacation to California (John will be housesitting to take care of self, cats and garden) and I have had this perenially sore throat (10 days now). Apparently a sore throat is a symptom not a disease but no-one can figure out what my disease is. I am joining Wren (growing those teeth still) with a nightly dedication to Tylenol.

Otherwise, life is good. Wren is growing in agility - still not moving forward with crawling but very able to mvoe around the room by rolling and inching and rocking. Yesterday he worked on moving from sitting to kneeling (that pesky leg had to be moved around). He likes to move into crawling position then straighten one leg and move sideways to sit again.

He is still fascinated by everything around him and loves to insert everything in his mouth - today it was moss, grass, twigs and shelling pea pods. He ate mushy peas but is still waiting for pears which are his favorite.

Anyway, tomorrow we head off for a week or so in California. John is housesitting and keep our cats company. I hope to post lots of happy photos soon.