Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Irons in the Fire

Its a week of rain, cold rain and dark skies.  We're all exhausted because daylight saving started last night and we feel as if we have jet lag.

Wren is sick.  He has a wet cough and a mild fever and is making up for it by watching lots of Regular Show and Minecraft.  Unfortunately, I still have work to do and Frost to run to school so he is being dragged around in pajamas and slippers with some treats like Jamba Juice and sweet tea.

Beezle is bored, missing his walks, and Frost is taking the opportunity of the rain and lethargy and distraction to do less homework than he should be.

I'm going to talk to him about that tomorrow, right?

Right now I am sitting here no the couch with my dog asleep next to me.  Beezle is a creature of habit, requiring one of us to sit on the couch and watch TV with him.  I'm watching DEXTER Series 4.  On the table is a recently finished chess game, a thermometer, a bottle of honey cough mixture and the latest White Dwarf magazine.  From time to time Wren coughs from the other room. 

Josh is watching soccer commentary, a steady murmur from the office.

The dishwasher is swishing and I'm in genealogy detox for this evening.  Unfortunately, I got this genealogy buzz when living in a country in which I have close to no ancestral history.   If I was in South Africa I could run up to the National Archive in Pietermaritzburg or England, I could easily visit a cemetary or church repository.  Now that I am working on the less documented people - those who immigrated at a time when documentation was less thorough, it is harder to follow their trails.

Last weekend was Beezle's first birthday.  We made him a cake out of bread, peanut butter and ground lamb.  Here is a picture of him blowing out his candle.  Now its time for bed.

The boys sing Happy Birthday to Beezle who
sniffs his heart and cross-bones cake.

Wren and Beezle at the Edmonds Dog Park before he got sick

Beezle is a good climber.   It was bitter cold.