Sunday, January 19, 2014

The end of hamstervana

Yesterday, we moved from our delightful West End vacation house to the strip of 7 Mile Beach. Before the move, we enjoyed a morning snorkel in the remarkably clear waters off Cemetery Beach.  It was so calm that even Wren snorkeled.  He wore his new snorkel-vest which allowed him to float, supported, with his face in the water.  He complained a lot the first time about the water being so salty but we still managed to go out far enough to enjoy schools of blue tang, sergeant-majors and wrasse.  As soon as he reached the beach he wanted to go out again.  I was very happy that he snorkeled out in the sea.

Bye bye wonderful house.  Till next time.
Bye bye prickly plants.
I had the best food of the trip so far yesterday morning.  It was the caribbean breakfast in the hot-box at the supermarket.  There were scrambled eggs, spicy, with reef fish mixed in, chicken curry and a local stewed green much like collard greens.  DELICIOUS.  I think I will have a vegetable juice cleanse when I return to adjust after the fried-everything.

My best meal on Grand Cayman - supermarket hot box melange
of curried vegetables, scrambled egg and fish and chicken stew.  Delicious!!!
The hotel room is actually nicer than I feared but we are not out in the wonderful heat, we can't see the sea unless we walk down to the beach and there is not quiet private beach.  This is not ideal.  The pool is good and the kids and Josh are enjoying the amenity of a hotel - the restaurant, the pool, hot-tub and hammocks.  I am not convinced.  I feel like a newly caged hamster trapped from the wild... okay, not the wild, but the place where hamsters roamed free without predation: hamstervana.

The new view.

This is what the boys are doing.
However, I should not give you too dour a view of the hotel.  It is right next to the beach with fair waves good for boogie boarding today.  This is because we are in a cold-snap (aka cold weather system sitting over the Caribbean).  That means it is 75 degrees and overcast with a wind.  It is still beautiful just in a 'one of the masses' on-a-gorgeous-beach kinda way.

Looking out to sea at dinner time last night.  I realize that there are no people
in sight and this is because it is not sunny.  Everyone here just wants
sun so as the evening approaches they go inside to drink and eat fried food or
spend $300 for dinner to AVOID eating fried food.  

The boys.
The main things remaining on our list are:
The Mexico: USA finals
Boogie boarding on the beach.
Drinking cuban coffee at the cigar bar.
Finding something palatable to eat today that isn't fried chips, fish, rice, fritters with one slice of old iceberg lettuce on it.