Thursday, November 29, 2007

Some pictures yesterday

Vomit and Fat jokes

This is why you don't confide in your kids. Frost has begged to go to Baskin Robbins on the way home from school. We haven't been for 6 months so I agree. We go in. Frost orders a vanilla chocolate caramel swirl cup with m&ms on it. He picks the m&m's off as we leave. I ask for a taste. He says, loudly:

"Mummy, remember about your weight watchers and how you are getting fat! I don't think you should have a taste".

Of course, after 10 minutes he says that it is "a little rich" and he is "full" and I finish it off anyway. Wren is denied a taste even though he is pointing at it and hooting insistently. He is denied because he threw up in the Lighting Aisle at Lowes today. He threw up in a dramatic and voluminous fashion - 3 times, all over me and the cart and his clothes and the floor. He seemed to feel a lot better afterwards even though he was not noticably ill beforehand.

Later, he had the most stinky diaper in human history. It was the sort of thing that would be an evolutionary leap for carnivorous plants if they could but create a tenth of the stench. Not being a stink drawn insect I was appalled. Frost ran screaming. Wren has been a bit clingy this afternoon but I am not too concerned as he has not thrown up again or had diarrhea again.

We shall keep an eye on him tonight.

My first thought was that he has an awful tummy infection from chewing on the toilet plunger which he found in the cupboard this morning but now I recall he has had a little bit of spit-up and reduced appetite the last few days so perhaps he has a tummy virus.

We both bathed in the afternoon.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another Tooth

Wren is growing his 15th tooth. This is a tooth which usually erupts between 17-22 months. He is very toothy.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wren on the rampage

It seems that Wren has very suddenly turned into a micro-toddler. He walks longer distances before plopping down on his bottom. He has learned to stand and wobble without falling over then totter off again. He has also become very strong willed.

The Desk and the bedroom
His favorite wickednesses are to get into Frost's room and chew the hair off playmobil figures and to climb, via the couch, to my desk where he throws all my pens, papers and laptop (if he could) onto the floor. He loves to close the laptop on my hands and then stare at me as if to say "so what are you gonna do?" If I say "No" and set him on the floor he shouts loudly "sstheee! sstheeee!" and quickly crawls back to the couch to return to his perch on the arm of the chair.

Knobs and buttons
He is fascinated by knobs and buttons which he finds in strange places. There is the power buttons for the X-box and my laptop kayboard which he pushes with infuriating regularity. He likes to press buttons on the telephone and has recently learned to turn the floor lamp on and off by twisting the knob (very entertaining). He also likes to play with the boombox, finding strange AM stations and static. He loves the little knob on the faucet which switches the water flow from bath to shower, standing in the bath and pulling it up and down with his little pincer grip. If he is trying to examine a mole or freckle he can also delivery a mean pinch to the skin!

Signing wildly
To signal his strong intentions Wren has taken to signing a great deal. He knows two signs as well as waving hello and goodbye. He signs MILK and ALL DONE. At first, he knew only MILK and he signed MILK on every occasion he wanted something. He would stare at it and sign MILK MILK staring at me and hooting. When I taught him ALL DONE he signed it appropriately for a day or two - even playing by signing MILK and then signing ALL DONE as soon as I nursed him. Then repeating this little game and smiling. Recently, he has taken to signing ALL DONE whenever he really really wants something - food, more raspberries, to get out of the bath, to get down, to get more yoghurt. I think he needs to learn MORE and greater vocabularly to help us get beyond this sliding of meaning.

Okay, I will post more later. We are getting ready for school now and Wren is coming with me. He has a sniffle which led to some night wakings and then a sleep-in so we are all a bit off the routine.