Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wren talks about old people

After a few visits to a retirement center where they read books with 'Seniors', Wren shared his anxiety about old people.

Wren:  "Mum, I don't want to be rude but the Seniors are a bit scary."

Me:  "What's scary about them?"

Wren:   "Its mainly their faces.  They have strange things on their faces.  Why do Seniors lick their lips like this?" [Wren sticks his tongue out a bit and retracts it.  Sticks it out a bit.  Retracts it]

Me:  Well, perhaps they have dry lips or dentures - like false teeth - or something.

Wren:  And one man has like, eyes that look different directions.  Do you spawn like that or is that something you get?

Me:  No, people spawn like that.

Wren:  What's weird is that its like there are two people.  Like one person is looking one way and he has someone else's EYE in his head looking the other way.


Wren:  And Seniors have weird things on their faces and scary hands.

Me:  That's probably just how your skin gets when you are really old.  Lets look at some seniors pictures and you will see they are just normal for old people.

[I google search "Very old people" and we look at a screen of image results.]

Wren:  They look like the seniors.

Me:  See, they are just normal for old people.

Wren:  Those hands look like Tara's hands.  [my friend Tara is barely 50 and these hands look like something from a man frozen in the ice since paleolithic periods]

Me:  I don't think so.

Wren:  Maybe a bit.

Me:  [later]  Well, when I am old like the seniors, you will still have to kiss me.

Wren:  MOM, when you are that old I will be LIKE 8 YEARS OLD so I won't have to kiss you.

Me:  EIGHT!  You won't KISS ME!

Wren:  Okay, maybe if I will be 20 years old.