Saturday, May 31, 2008

"MOVE!" and other conversations with Wren

Wren has become chatty. As we walk in the stroller he tells me things like "More, isis" (Iris) as they are all in bloom. "Num nums, nut, bite, ar, ar" [translates to Squirrels eat nuts and they bite and are fierce].

If he gets close to your face he starts to poke:


At diaper change he announces "MORE POOP" even if the diaper is just wet. They he asks for "Dice, mine!" for distraction while I throw the diaper in the rubbish "uck uck."

He has added a whole number of words in recent days (some may be duplicates)

(right now he comes and grabs my leg and says "move" tearfully and signs "milk" and adds "mama")

He says:

'puter (computer)
roller (the construction equipment)
a-row (eyebrow)
eeza (eagle)
crane (the bird)

His favorite book is "go oof go" which we read many times a day.

Monday, May 26, 2008

It is the season

I was cleaning my teeth this morning when Wren walked up to me with something squished between his fingers.

"NUK" he said.

I looked, it was a dead fly.

While I washed his hands he complained because he couldn't hold his Duplo dragon at the same time as being dangled over the basin. After he was done he clung to my legs because he was worried that the floor might be wet and he has fallen over enough times to learn caution.

When I was ready we headed off for our weekly shopping trip at Trader Joes. Wren likes Trader Joe's. He enjoys the snack hut where we eat samples, no matter how bizarre or enticing. Today was sliced hot dog. "Hot Hot" warned Wren as I poured coffee into an egg cup sized cup. I had to return a few times

Along the way, we passed by the hulks of BBQs set out on the sidewalk for adoption. Some looked quite enticing if you have a yen for propane while others are frightening dark maws which need commercial disinfection before I would offer them a hot dog.

This is the season for the dumping and replacement of BBQs. Tomorrow is Memorial Day - a traditional day for the Brats on the BBQ along with a keg and some rose if you're posh. Wren is too small for me to feel comfortable with a tub of fire on the back patio so we are not tempted by the offerings.

Its also the first whole week of sunshine and snails and slugs eating everything green shooting while the perennials grown inches overnight.

Wren is napping so I shall finish unpacking our groceries and plan the next batch of bread.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bread, bread everywhere

For the past 2 weeks we have not bought any store bread. Instead, I have been using the bread machine to make dough and then raising, shaping and baking it in the oven. This compromise lets me do the fun part while trying out many delicious and exciting dough recipes which take me only 5 minutes to toss into the machine.

Everyone enjoys the bread making. Right now we are waiting while the dough for "English Granary Bread" rises. Wren likes to climb up his step stool and peer into the machine and watch the dough mix. Frost likes to punch down the dough. Josh likes to choose peculiar but interesting recipes (like scandinavian spiced limpa - made with orange zest, caraway and fennel seeds). We all like to eat it hot with butter.

I do not usually promote things in my blog but I can highly recommend the book we are using for our bread machine technique and recipes. It is available through the Seattle Public Library (which is where our copy comes from!) It is called Wholegrain Breads by Machine or Hand.

Today, we are going to shape our bread into hamburger buns for vegie/lamb burgers for lunch.

wine ('ine, dada)
caw caw num num
go woof woof go (favorite book at the moment is Go Dog Go)
guk (yuk)
ball gone, up