Thursday, April 22, 2010

Time Capsule

I was looking for something to write on and picked up an old moleskine notebook I started using in 2003. By chance, it opened to an entry for April 23rd, 2005 - almost 5 years ago to the day. So, today's entry is titled Camping With Frost.

This entry is particularly interesting because, five years ago, Frost was 3 and three quarters. He was six months older than Wren is now.

Here is the entry:

DECEPTION PASS April 23rd 2005

Camping with Frost:
  • Frost holds candy in very high regard. We find some tiny red tick-like animals on the beach. I call it a "crab. Frost leaves a candy on the beach for them, checking as they 'eat it'. Frost is thrilled "Mummy, they have never had candy before! I think they like us.
  • He pretends to be "rats" and Kitty. Rats talks to me and eats a lot. Kitty eats with her face right in her plate and zombies come at night, being "nocturnal".
  • "Mummy, camping is not like home. I miss my ratties and kitty and Daddy and I miss watching TV when I eat lunch."
  • He sings a song "It's Kitty playtime as he wraps the hammock sides around over his head. I ask where he heard this song and he told me that it was on Teletubbies [does he watch this ? not with ME!] They sing "its Tubbie playtime" which "reminds me of this". I am concerned with all his TV Iconography.
  • He loves digging on the beach with his big shovel. He makes volcanoes from sand with crater depressions in the summit. I put a seaweed "eruption" on one and now he follows suit.
  • Frost and I enjoy birdwatching. He uses the binoculars but can't find the birds in them which causes frustration.
  • "Hey, where did the Zombies go? Oh, they are going swimming. See how far out they are.. that black dot is them!"
  • "Frost, do you need to pee?" "No, I am just dancing."
  • He find slugs along the path and crouches down to watch them.
  • Reading and writing: Frost writes his name and the word CAT and other simple things.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Frost and Alex on Preparing for Life's Challenges

I picked Frost (8) up from FCS this morning after a sleepover with Alex and the pig. They had played an hour of DS in the morning because:

Alex (8): We had to get up at 6am to pee and then we woke Oliver [the pig] and he started oinking and snuffling a lot.

Frost: We played this cool game on the DS. Its called SPORKLE. It has lots of quiz games. We played this game that was a brand quiz. There was also a Simpson's quiz

Alex: We were pretty good but it got hard.

Me: What's a brand?

Frost: Its like the small picture that a company has to show who they are. You know, like the SHELL symbol or the T&T symbol or the T-Mobile symbol.

Alex: We got a lot of them. We had to type the name when the picture was there and we got most of them.

Frost: That's why I like to watch the commercials on local TV. I need to prepare myself for all of the fun brand games like this.