Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Good news at Cardiology

Today, Wren had his 6 monthly cardiology appointment at Children's.   We arrived for our usual 3 hour appointment and I promptly lost the green plastic registration form with Wren's stickers which caused us to be late.  We and the nurses looked everywhere but it had vanished!

After a short while, Nurse Julie came in and did an EKG and blood pressures.  The blood pressures are taken on Wren's feet and wrists and evaluated to see whether there is a significant difference.  A difference means that there is some kind of blockage in the aortic arch.

There was none!

Wren is growing well and the EKG was his usual abnormal pattern but nothing unusually abnormal.

Dr L decided Wren did not need an echo.  He explained that Wren had been stable in his moderate regurg on the mitral valve for 3 appointments and that even if there was an increase it was very unlikely to be enough to warrant intervention (intervention means surgery of some kind).

Wren is growing well, feels well and has had few headaches.  He is officially "Doing Well".

We go back in 6 months.  Hooray.