Friday, May 7, 2010

Lego Universe Beta Test

Frost and Elias are running about the virtual Lego Universe.

Elias: Lets say THANKS and follow him.
Frost: Get the hat. Get the hat.
Elias: How do you say thanks?
Frost: Write there [pointing to dialog box]. Just write T-H-X.
Elias: Run away!
Frost: There are TWO guys attacking you. DON'T GO THERE. They are these super hard spiders. We need some swords.
Elias: Woah!
Frost: So much STUFF. Get all that stuff! Woah.
Elias: ATTACK!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A few small accidents

Shortly after I arrived home Wren fell down the last few front stairs and landed on his knees. I offered initial comfort and snuggling then approach with an ice pack:

"Ow, ow, ow" he says "I don't want that kind! It HURTS when you even put that on. What can we DO that Doesn't HURT when you do it. Ow, ow! It is very bad. DO NOT LOOK. That does not work. WHAT WOULD WE DO MUM????"

We do popcorn and more snuggling. The popcorn makes Frost more hungry. He asks for hummus. I microwave the frozen pita and then finish it off in the toaster to make it puff out a dry off the microwave soggies. Frost retrieves the pita when it pops and is burned by its heat.

"I just held it for a minute and there was a SHARP PAIN and I didn't realize but it BURNED MY HAND" he cries.

This starts Wren crying again, a forced whimpering whine. "Now we are BOTH hurt" he says.

They move off to the deck in sorrow and start fighting for possession of the hammock.

Apparently, they will survive.