Friday, May 9, 2008

Sushi Night

Every second Wednesday is sushi night. Sushi is one of our favorite dinners. Frost loves it and seldom manages to wait past 5.30pm for dinner. Wren enjoys it because he can 'help' and eat avocado, rice balls, chew raw carrot and generally get messy with me. I enjoy it because I get to eat lots of sushi. Joshua has been unpopular lately because Sushi Wednesday seems to be BBQ Wednesday at work and he is often too full for dinner. Still, he generally enjoys it too, prefering the smoked salmon and cream cheese sushi concoctions.

Here, you see our sushi platter laid out. Frost has the vegetarian sushi. Josh's is the one with the nori inside and mine is the big roll on the end.

Wren is pointing to the very sharp knife. "no no no" he says. "SHARP!!"

Clouds of Clematis

As the mornings break earlier and earlier and Wren continues to wake in the 5's (5.18am this morning based on the hopefully pushed-forward time of the bedside clock which is in fact 5.08am for everyone else) we have the chance to take morning walks before Frost wakes up.

Many days it is too cold or wet to enjoy the outdoors but as we head downstairs at 6am to do the laundry Wren always goes into the garage and begs to get up into the stroller.

A walk is his plan.

Here we are on one of the days that was actually sunny. I think it was Saturday 10 days ago. As you can see, the neighborhood is beautifully in bloom.

In one picture he is holding a jonquil. We are not flower thieves. It was just lying on the sidewalk and we found it. Wren also loves to hold dandelions (we propagate weeds) and dandelion flowers.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Speaking to the birds

This is a rather peculiar little movie of Wren sitting in the sandbox talking with a crow. He sits there a while until the crow caws. He replies. The crow caws. He replies. Eventually the crow is silent or flies away and Wren continues to ponder the crow "cah cah".

Many new words

Wren is speaking so much more recently. I thought it about time to update his word list. Yesterday, he said two words in a row - I think it was "more, cookie".

I will keep on adding to this list until Wren's 18 month 'birthday'.

1. no
2. more
3. cookie
4. down
5. up
6. mine
7. yummy
8. num num (food)
9. hot
10. cold
11. all gone
12. kitty
13. vroom vroom
14. ball
15. 'nana
16. sharp
17. dig
18. book
19. hello
20. bye bye
21. mama
22. dada
23. 'rost (Frost)
24. Kai Kai (kyler)
25. star
26. car
27. cah-cah (bird, esp crow from me saying "caw caw" at crows.)
28. guy
29. die-die (dice)
30. dice
31. ice
32. rice
33. aye-aye (icecream, also ice)
34. uh oh
35. Elias
36. yes
37. this
38. eye
39. ear
40. puck puck (hen)
41. kitty
42. oof oof (woof woof)
43. oo oo (owl noise)
44. truck
45. in
46. out
47. yuck yuck / eck eck (rubbish)
48. 'dow (for snow)
49. tree
50. baa baa (sheep)
51. ga-TAR (guitar)
52. did-der (digger)
53. bubble
54. block
55. pounce (pow)
56. attack
57. mammo (hammer)
58. cone
59. raining
60. dip
61. row-wa (steam roller)
62. dump
63. pour
64. fish

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sleeping through the night

Wren is sleeping through the night. He goes to bed around 8pm (most days a bit earlier) and wakes at 6am ( or a bit before). I still have the clocks 10-20 minutes fast so it varies.

This is wonderful.

It means he takes one 2 hour nap every day and I can plan my life a bit better. That said, today he slept early and went to bed early so he may have trouble tomorrow morning.

In the end I had to stop going in when he woke at 4.30am. I didn't go in at 5am either. I just let him chat and cry (sorrows) until 5.45am. After two days of that he slept right through till 6am.

I am very pleased. Cautious. Very pleased.

Thank you Tamsyn for the reality check. Your comment about wishing I could sleep through the night provided just a bit of extra oomph to help motivate me to continue with my plan.