Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sleeping improved

Wren's sleep seems to be improving. I am hoping this is not a short-term marvel but since that night he slept till 5am he has not woken at 1.30am again. The following night he slept from 7.30-3am and then woke at 5.40am and last night it was:

4am (nurse)
5.15am (muttering)
6.30am wake

That was a wonderful night and I am very pleased and proud of him.

His fourth molar has cut through and is still working its way out but perhaps that had been bothering him.

He is now pushing a Hot Wheels monster truck around the kitchen floor. He crawls with it under one hand and mutters to himself. He really likes the monster trucks which are really for age 3+ so I shall have to watch him.

Since our babysitter quit suddenly I have advertised. My ad yesterday must have had the right buzzwords because I have had 4 replies. All are from nanny's who watch children with their own child present. I think that would work fine. We are looking for 8 hours per week - one morning while I am working at school and one other morning for errands and general R&R. I am going to interview a few of them by phone this afternoon.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

First haircut, first sleeping through the night

Yesterday, I trimmed Wren's hair for the first time. He looks very boyish and sweet with blunt and crooked bangs and tufts of hair sticking out at the nape of his neck. He was very tolerant and I kept my eyes on the goal of not paying $22 dollars for a 10 month olds haircut. It took about 3 minutes so it was money well saved.

That night Wren went to bed at 7.30pm and I woke at 4am wondering what had happened to him. Usually, I wake around 1.30am when he cries and Josh goes in to try and settle him. Lately, it has been hard so I have often got up and nursed him back to sleep at this time. Afterwards, I remove the earplugs I put in at bedtime in an attempt to get 3 hours uninterrupted sleep.

Last night I still had my earplugs in at 4am - that is 6 hours of sleep (the longest stretch since Wren was born).

I crept into Wren's room to see how he was. I felt quite wide awake and frisky after my good nights sleep so I was a bit disappointed to see him sleeping deeply. I considered waking him to nurse so he would sleep in but then became curious to see how long he would sleep.

It took me a long time to get back to sleep because I was so well rested. Eventually I managed to do it by remembering the dream I was having when I woke up and returning to it and continuing it voluntarily. This had the desired effect and I woke again to Wren (crying) at 5.15am. So Wren slept from 7.30pm till 5.15am without waking Josh or I. I am slightly suspicious that he cried and I didn't hear him but it can't have been for long or Josh would have woken.

Now, fingers crossed that he does well tonight too.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Infant Pointing

Wren points all the time so I was interested to receive reports of a new study on babies' pointing:

A new theory of infant pointing provides evidence that when 12-month-old infants point for an adult, they are trying to influence his or her mental state, rather than using the adult as a "tool" to obtain a desired object. The evidence suggests that infant pointing is produced by the uniquely human motivation of cooperation, and that it is an essential milestone in the development of language skills.
Source: Child Development 78 (2007): 705-22.

"Ah ha!" or "What?"

I guess this theory suggests that when Wren points at a ball or fan or cat he is not wanting me to say "CAT" or to GET THE CAT or "LOOK, A CAT" he is trying to co-operate with me in things CAT.

Still, its ambiguous. Influence the adults mental state how exactly? Drive the adult nuts? Get the adult confused? Get the adult co-operating in pointing?

This adult's mental state is influenced, okay!

This is Frost's poem of the morning:

If you heard a bang in a park
Then there would be two things waiting for you
Because if you take the b off the bang
Then that spells Ang, the avatar
And if you put the reakfast in front of the missing B
That spells BREAKFAST!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Nightdark Losing

Last night our clocks switched back an hour at 2am. This suits everyone except those with young children. Young children cannot be switched back an hour at 2am. They want to go to sleep an hour early and wake an hour early. In Wren's case, morning was 4.45am which had just become 3.45am. Yuck.

I let him cry for 15 minutes and he fell asleep for an hour until 4.45am nightdark losing time and we got up. Through diligence and perseverance I managed to get him to bed at the usual time by the clock rather than by the body. It was seven thirty BTC and he was exhausted.

I bet he will wake in the 4's so I am going to bed in an hour or so in resigned anticipation.

Got to love those long hours of darkness in which I drink instant coffee, clean up the living room, unpack the dishwasher, make Frost's lunch and watch half a CSI by 6am.

Like greased lightning

Wren does not like me to go out of his sight so when I had to do the laundry I put him in the sling and carried him and the huge pile of laundry to the basement. Wren helped me pull the laundry out of the basket but when I had finished stuffing it into the washer he motor-crawled out of the laundry into the basement. I quickly poured in soap and pressed start before following him.

I found him 4 steps UP the basement stairs with a horse chestnut in his hand. He kept on going full speed to the top with me following close behind.

What was the hurry?

He had left a half chewed Swedish Fish on the carpet when I picked him up. It had been dropped from Frost's stash of Halloween candy. He picked it up and looked up, pleased.

Wren has been enjoying a wider range of food recently (including the candy fish) due to my decision to allow him wheat, a bit of dairy and some fish. Josh has felt its okay to give him these things but I have been vacillating between naturopath advice to hold off until age 1 or more and pediatricians who seem to advocate excluding different foods. Our pediatrician says no fish but wheat okay. The Current Time magazine even talks of introducing peanut butter before age 1 (verboten in the US but not in most African and many SE ASian countries) to try and reduce peanut allergies. This is all speculation but shows how little science is in the current dietary restrictions for Western infants.

Wren had French toast for breakfast. It was wheat toast made with milk and whole egg. He thought it was delicious and washed it down with pear sauce and baby cereal.