Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mum and the Moon

The blog has been quiet in the past few days because life has been extremely busy. My mother is with us for a visit from Australia and we have been dashing about and Doing Things before collapsing in bed in exhaustion. Meanwhile, Mum has been taking some wonderful pictures of Wren and Frost and a few passable ones of me.

Here are a few. First, Wren playing with the brio trains. He loves to help them along the track and push them through the tunnel.
Tonight, we watched the total lunar eclipse. Even Wren saw it before bedtime.

Wren was playing the drum before we tried to photograph him. Then he was less enthusiastic.
Wren likes to help unpack the Pioneer Organics box. Here he has the carrots and is biting them on the couch. He offered to let me bite them too.

Aah! He will play the drum after all!