Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Karn, the Released and other obsessions of an almost-10 year old.

Like his parents, Frost is happiest when he has an obsession.  His current obsession is Magic the Gathering and in particular, the imminent launch of the new MtG set - "New Phyrexia."

Here is my interview with Frost about MtG.

Me:   Frost, what do you like about MtG?

Frost:  I don't know.... its kind of a fun game not just playing the game but kind of opening the pack, getting to know new mechanics, going to tournaments and waiting to see what cards come out.  Also, its got a nice communtiy.

Me:  What do you mean by a "nice community?"

Frost:  Well, a lot of people play it and you can kind of talk to other people about it.  Lots of people go to events and you can get to know people while you're playing it and its kind of fun.

Me:  How much do you think about MtG during a normal day at school?

Frost:  I think about it occasionally.  Some people at school play it and so we play it.  I also think about New Phyrexia a lot now, I am waiting for the launch party.   New Phyrexia is a new magic set with 175 new cards and we are planning to buy a Booster Box.  Its 36 booster packs.

Me:  Wren, what do you like about MtG?

Wren:  There are some Hydra's I like and Hedron crabs are pretty good.

Me:  Frost, what kind of deck are you going to play with the New Phyrexia set?

Frost:  I am thinking of making a deck with this one card called Rage Extractor and maybe an equipment deck.   I am keeping my infect deck.

Me:  What is Rage Extractor?

Frost:  It does damage equal to the casting cost of something if that something/card has any Phyrexian mana, a new kind of mana, in its cost.  So its a pretty good card and I would make a deck with that and lots of Phyrexian mana.

Me:  Wren, what is your favorite deck?

Wren:  My favorite deck is an-fect deck.  I played my Fect Deck against Daddy and I beat his Karate.

Me:  Frost, do kids in your 4th Grade class play magic?

Frost: I think about 3 of them in my class?

Me:  My criticism of this MtG craze is that its a bit like gambling.  All you want to do is get the thrill of opening sealed boosters to see if you get something very rare and valuable.

Frost:  Well, Mum.  That is only the case when you are opening boosters.  If you buy a deck of cards individually that's not gambling.  And even if I open boosters, if I get a mythic rare card I am happy and if I don't I am still happy because I mean, the cards will probably be good.  If they are not good, I can see the value, and I can still trade it with someone else.  So, its still fun to get it!

Karn, Liberated (according to Frost)

Me:  In the New Phyrexia, what cards would you be most excited about pulling from a booster?

Frost:  Karn.  Batterskull and ... oh god... actually..... Sword of War and Peace.  I also sort of want... Joradeen the Prevailer and Melira, Sylvok  Outcast (he spelled these for me).