Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Brief update on the move

Thanks to motivated friends who went way beyond comfortable in helping us,  we moved house yesterday and slept in the new house last night.  

First picture in the new house!   Late afternoon
cutting the 4th of July Cake
Tara brought.
 I woke at 7am and remembered I was in the wrong house to put the garbage out and the garbage was full.  I found my keys but could not find any pants so I put on my painting pants from the laundry bag and drove over to the old house to put them out.

My real motivation in going over was to get the Advil (painkiller) that was still in the bathroom.  I ache all over from carrying stuff.

While at the old house, I tried to catch the cat, who had not moved yet, but failed.  Instead I grabbed a few bags of Via coffee that we in the remaining debris and threw in a few important things that hadn't moved yet (garbage bags, soap, a mop, medications for sore muscles) and drove home.

Wren had just woken up.    He had found an old 4th of July donut with red white and blue sprinkles, and was eating it.    Frost decided to do the same thing.

"Don't eat donuts for Breakfast boys!" I said.

Frost said "Tara gives us donuts all the time!   When she doesn't have time to make breakfast she gives us money and says "go up to Mighty O and get donuts!"  Later, when we say we are hungry and we didn't have breakfast she says "You had donuts!""

Well, they had day-old donuts for breakfast followed by a mixture of root-beer and strawberry apple-cider (because Frost wanted to test the siphon straw contraption he had made and Wren wanted to do what Frost was doing).  Last night, they had mac and cheese from a box.  Frost had ramen from a bag with MSG as the 4th ingredient.

For breakfast, Beezle had 4 day old roast chicken mixed with ramen.

So, our move went well but we are not unpacked.

Josh is frustrated because Comast cable is screwed up and we are not receiving all our channels, Tivo is screwed up because it can't exist offline in HD mode, Qwest is going to take two more days to connect our phone and internet and neither of us had any power in our cell phones.

He went over to the old house an hour later to get some peripherals like chargers and the cat.

We are now at a coffee shop in the neighborhood coping by drinking iced coffee, Odwalla and eating cookies for lunch.  I must soon go home and unpack, get pet food, buy lots of missing stuff and take some more Advil.

Thanks so much to those who helped yesterday.  I will be sure to have a Housewarming party just to offer something more stylish than pizza and more healthy than Squirt.

We have an Ice Machine on the fridge... we must party!

I have the Advil if you need it.