Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Surgical second opinion

Our pediatric cardiologist (Dr K) called this afternoon. She has shown our echo tapes to a surgeon working at another regional hospital. His view was that "it is too early to commit this patient to a Norwood procedure". He felt that it is probable that the heart asymmetry is due to an enlargement of the right side due to a coarctation in the aorta. He offered to have a consult with us but I said I felt we should now wait and see before discussing further details of surgery.

I confirmed that the tricuspid valve is of normal size.

Dr K also mentioned she had spoken to some of Dr Hanley's cardiology team in California (Dr Murphy and Dr Silverman) and they agreed to review our tapes. They were sent off today. They said they would not make a solid diagnosis prenatally but would give their thoughts / expectations.

I am still confused as to whether I should be talking to our insurance about the possiblity of transferring down there or whether I should hope for the better prognosis and remain up here at our local Children's hospital.