Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The smallest particle

Over the weekend Wren asked me some questions about the make-up of the universe.

Wren: Mum, how big are orcs?

Me: I don't know.  I would guess they are about 8 feet tall.  They are a fantasy creature so its hard to know.

Wren: No Mum.  Not ORCS, ORCS! They are not a fantasy creature.  They are the smallest thing in the universe.

Me:  No, orcs are a fantasy creature.

Wren:  No AWKS!  What is smaller than an atom?

Me:  An atom is made of a proton and an neutron.

Wren:  But what is smaller?

Me:  Electrons?

Wren:  But what is SMALLER!

Me:  OH!  You mean quarks?

Wren:  orcs


Wren:  quorcs, orcs, quarks....  ask Dad.  Dad told me orcs are the smallest thing in the universe.