Thursday, June 16, 2011

What's up with us

Yes, I am still here. If you are feeling neglected, this is why:

- Attach wainscoting to back of island
- Attach Pagoda slats
- Conceal range exhaust pipe above cabinets.
- Re-attach closet door (if one is at RE-Store)
- Remove pipe to old faucet under deck.
- Coat new door with 3 coats of finish.
- Take in secure Shredding: DataSite
9401 Aurora Ave North
Seattle, WA 98103
- Re-Store for closet door
- Check with consignment store if they have sold any stuff
- Get blood draw B12
- Transcribe boer war diary
- Give David and Mum copies of DVD of family photos.
- Write patient article on Shone's Syndrome
- Send Kathryn most recent statements for purchase.
- License dog ---> Josh. In new house
- Put dog vaccination on calendar
- Get Kia door part fitted and talk to them about squeaking brakes
- Submit next estimated tax payment by June 15th
- Buy gift for Matthew' birthday party
- Pack entire house.
- Advertise Garage Sale

Finish Painting porch trim (almost done)
Living room wall paint
Living room trim paint
Living room ceiling paint
Corridor wall paint
Corridor trim paint
Wren's room touch up paint
Main bedroom Wall paint
Main bedroom ceiling paint
Main bedroom trim
Back deck house paint (half done)
Kitchen touchup paint (walls)

Clean and weed whole garden.
Get load of play chips 1 cubic yard from Sky. (do they deliver?)

Thursday 3 hours.
Friday 3 hours.

Oh, and we're going camping for 4 nights next week. Just me and the kids.

But we are all well! Except Josh. Josh is sick with a mild fever, exhaustion, cough, cold and man-flu as well. He is eating pap and soup and feeling neglected because I am doing the things on the list. He is also eating sugary cereal.

Wren is playing Magic the Gathering with imaginary cards he drew. He is drawing all day. I am taking refuge in movies about serial killers and romance. The best are romances with some thrills. I am very much enjoying doing the painting and have just stained my first door. It is stained Daly Stain FRUITWOOD.

I am hoping to do some more remodelling one day as I really like it!

Judy (Ford) is my DIY mentor. She is our contractor from the bathroom and is also a matriarch and a wonderful woman. She makes me feel I can fix or make anything if I just have the tools, ingenuity and patience! I think I will be a crafty person when my kids are old enough to be busy by themselves without it being called Neglect.

Going to watch a thriller now.

I bought the bag. (if you are not on FB, I am not telling more). Joshua is going to hide it for me. I am concerned he might lose it in the move along with my jewelery.

Lauren diagnosed me as having "One More Thing" itis. This means you are always rushing and busy to do "one more thing" before sitting down. You end up with little completed but many many things almost done.

The cat is staring at me through the front window, its feet on the pagoda covered in grapevine. It is mewling because the Dog (who I made swim in the bath tonight for its wash) is in the kitchen, thus blocking the cat door.

Don't you like how I had PACK WHOLE HOUSE as one little item on the Tasklist?