Saturday, July 7, 2007

This week at home

Things are going along without major excitement. I've had a nasty sore throat for a week but its "just viral" according to the doctor and apparently I am having trouble getting over it because I am "run down". I am not disputing being run down. Wren has taken to get up around 4.45am and having first nap at 7.45am. Its not pretty.

The past 2 days I have let him cry at 4.45 instead of going to nurse him (after which he was awake) and have made it to 7.30am and 5.45am respectively, which is much better. Still, I am very tired and feeling rather fed up with all the at-home-with-kids time. I really need a break and our upcoming holiday is perfectly timed.

Wren is growing teeth AGAIN. These are number 5 and 6 coming through. He is also working on moving about. He gets up in crawling position and rocks back and forward but most of his motion is on the floor pushing along and rotating and rolling. He covers great distances and can't be left alone with anything small and interesting nearby. He loves to find small bits of paper and dirt on the floor and try and pick them up.

Yesterday, he pulled himself up from sitting to kneeling (holding on the couch) and he is practicing moving from sitting to all fours by leaning forward with one leg folded under him.

He has been swimming (Monday) at Evans pool and to the wading pool twice. I think the wading pool was more fun for him than the big pool which was a bit noisy.

Frost is still very engaged by Wren. He loves to run into the room and say "I LOVE HIM SO MUCH I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH HIM!!!" and try and carry and pickup and move and hug and generally smother him. I feel its a fulltime job to keep Wren safe from Frost's interest.

Wren likes to eat grass and paper and chokes if not stopped. I have had to removed some wads of grass from his mouth and now leave him on a blanket on the lawn to stop him getting hold of grass as easily.

In general, Wren seems to be a content baby. He likes to focus on something interesting and won't complain until he is bored or needs something like food or cuddling.

He is eating well, after a slow start. He now eats pears, chiogga beet, peas, banana, applesauce, a bit of sweet potato, kale and broccoli. I think pear is his most constant favorite but he ate kale without complaint.

"Wren's stinky" Frost says. I must do diaper change as Frost is always right.

Monday, July 2, 2007


Frost is playing on the carpet with Wren. I am looking at Craigslist and see an add for Castle Blocks. Its a small set which lets you make small castle layouts with turrets.

I mail the person and ask if its still available.

Next, I open the postal mail. Its a bill from Children's for Wren's cardiology clinic.

Frost says: "I am going to make a block castle then we can knock it over"

He starts to build. As he is building he starts singing. I kid you not, this is what he sings:

"medical surgery, medical surgery
medical surgery, medical surgery"

I listen a while and ask what he is singing.

"I like making up songs" he says. "I need more blocks"