Sunday, December 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Wren

Wren did not want a birthday party this year so we had a brunch for friends and family and went out to sushi for dinner.

Wren had a great time.

He had asked for a giant donut as his birthday cake.  We had to innovate as Mighty-O does not make giant donuts.  Instead, we bought two dozen and Frost and I learned to spin sugar (at 9am).  It was messy but great fun.    Here is the final cake.  We made the beeswax candles before Thanksgiving and Josh says it gave the cake a Seussical quality.

Wren was thrilled to receive $50 in Christmas money from his great-granny and granny.  Unfortunately, he wanted to spend it on in-game pack purchases for PVZ Garden Warfare on the PS4.  We told him that $20 was the limit for virtual toys.  He is now sulking and making strong moral arguments about a child's right to spend his birthday money on whatever he sees fit.

What do you think?