Saturday, March 14, 2009


Wren has a fever. He started to breath faster and groan a bit around lunch. I was worried and took his temperature and he has a fever of 101.7 or 102.2 depending on which ear you prefer. He is acting sick but eating mango and naked spiral pasta. I have put him to bed with snuggle bunny, Tylenol drops and a blanket.

I was relieved he was feverish because he sounded a bit scary with his groaning/grunting breathing. I can't help but think "HIS HEART!!!!"

I shall post later. Before his fever rose, we had a fun morning at the playground at Greenlake and visiting the Greenlake Library to ensure we infected as many as families as possible.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am a bad parent

I am standing at the computer with a vague smell of cat piss in the air. I think a cat peed on my clothes last night and I just put them on again this morning because it was the path of least resistance. Yesterday, someone said my hair looked "really lovely, more feminine". While I deeply appreciate the attempt to compliment me, I think it is looking like it is due to neglect and from wearing a hat all day to cover it.

Frost is off school today and went to the doctor where I allowed him to eat not one, not two but THREE lollipops while having his plantar's wart frozen with liquid nitrogen and pared down with a scalpel (in reverse order). I let Wren have 2 (although he threw both away unfinished) but refused to enable Wren to:
1) Have a cookie for breakfast
2) Have a candy for lunch
3) Eat dispenser candy at Gorditos
4) Run around without a diaper change

I also refused to distract him from his anger/rage tantrum so he had a longer one than was necessary and was carried under the arm screaming.

He liked the lemonade he had at Gorditos.

I let Wren watch Wiggles although nap-time should have begun half an hour ago so I could do some phone-calls for the school enrollment process.

I lost Wren in Top Ten Toys (that place is a total maze) and when I found him silently testing products I did not pick up the cars he had strewn on the floor (but I spent $100 on gifts and airplane distractions. Did I mention I am having 22 hours + on planes /airports en route Australia?)

I am now going to drink tea and read my book while I let Frost play Heros of Might & Magic on the 'family' computer.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Synagis rescheduled today

Nurse Penny was held up yesterday and rescheduled until today after nap. I hope that things go well today. I have bought Wren a baby Snuggle-bunny to comfort when he realises the poke is coming. We will be in Australia for the next scheduled shot so this will be the last of the year.

Wren woke at 5.10am this morning. I know I shouldn't do it but after daylight saving starts I always spend a week or so converting back to the pre-daylight saving time and saying things like "really he woke up at 4.10am" and "really he went to bed at 7.15pm". It sure felt like it was very early. The ground was hard with frost and the outside thermometer read 20.8 degrees F. Can that be right? Are we in a frost hollow? I had my licorice syrup which I tell Wren is "Mummy's medicine when Wren wakes up too early" and I feel OK now.

When Wren sees me taking it he says "Wren have medicine?"

I tell him he isn't sick so he does fake coughs to qualify for the syrups or potions he desires (but does not get).

This morning he was particularly nutty (from having only 9 hours sleep) running around and throwing heavy objects to 'play' with poor Frost who was thumped and bumped and generally interfered with. Wren is jealous of Frost's books and steals them and runs away with them. When Frost is reading Wren gets his own book (one of mine) from the bookshelf in the living room and sits and reads as quietly as Frost (for a few moments at a time).

I hope that Wren does well with the jet lag and we don't end up awake at 1am in Australia. I am not feeling my most resilient in terms of sleep after this daylight saving ordeal.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Synagis today

I forgot but its shot day. The nurse Penny called when Wren was already napping so he won't have the topical anaesthetic Emla. Its ok because he becomes frantic when I put on a big bandaid because he associates it with her last visit.

I shall post how it goes later.

Meanwhile, I am wondering where my mother is. I don't know what kind of relationship you have with your mother but my mother and I speak every few days unless something is UP. She has not replied to emails for 5 days! A mystery.

I submitted the passport application on the weekend and it should be at the consulate in San Francisco by now (courtesy of Fedex and Courtney my friend with Lawyer in her job description). Getting a passport is increasingly difficult these days what with biometric scans and chips implanted in the document. I hope it arrives in time.