Wednesday, January 29, 2014


We've been back at school a few weeks now and everyone has found their rhythm again.  Frost has a lot going on - he's started drama after school and is performing as An Alien who speaks English.  In the class he is one of three boys.  Frost is also playing Ultimate Frisbee and tennis lessons.  The focus on sports is because, since he is taking Band and Japanese at school he has to prove his eligibility to skip PE by doing 60 hours of extra-curricular sports.

Wren has been doing skiing.  We are still in a snow-drought in the NW but the kids enjoyed their lesson.  It was very low key and a great first day on the snow for Wren.  I sat in the lodge and chatted.

Taking a break with the Powder Pigs


Getting a tow up the slope with Jason
I have also been busy.  I have taken an art class on botanical drawing which I was given for Christmas.  I was interested in how precise botanical illustration is expected to be - measurement and accuracy of perspective and consistent visual plane were our first lessons.  We had to draw on tracing paper to transfer a 'good' copy of our sketch to the quality paper so as not to mess the surface.  Here is my first transfer and the subject - an artichoke.