Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Kids Have Swine FluMist Vaccination

I took the kids to our pediatrician today. The first swine flu 'novel H1N1' vaccine is available for high-risk kids and Frost received it to ensure he doesn't bring it home from school and infect Wren. I was given the choice of Flumist or shot for Wren. Apparently the studies are not yet extensive enough to know whether or not kids with CHDs should receive it but I have spoken with cardiology (a few times) about Wren and nobody seemed to think he should have any problems. The upside of Flumist is that he doesn't get a jab, in general flu vaccines the Flumist is more effective for kids and that there is no thimerosol in the live vaccine (the available shot does contain thimerosol as a preservative because the vaccine is being shipped in batches which are used for multiple people after opening.)

While making this decision, I spoke with Frost's school nurse about flu at his Elementary School. His class has not had any confirmed cases but there is a class on the 2nd floor which has an outbreak with many kids out with flu. She expects it to be a matter of time before it is more widespread and is preparing a form letter notification along the lines of the Lice is in your Classroom and Chickenpox is in your Classroom [both of which we have received this week].

I hope to get a flu shot when the new vaccine is available for adults, hopefully by the end of the month. Mum (in Australia) tells me that it is widely available there and she is getting her shot shortly.

More updates coming soon.