Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Frost coined a new word this morning - overbeezing.  Its used to describe the behavior when a dog leaps on a reclining person and goes crazy with love, licking them, standing on their face and trying to poke a tongue in your ear.   As in:

Frost:  "Oh, hold him Wren, hold him... we have to stop him from overbeezing me!"

We are all well.  I am working more than usual for a few weeks.   In the circus act of our life, I am also balancing a seal on my head, planning vacations with family for later in the year (shall we go to the Olympics or the Rockies?) and trying to teach Frost good test-taking behaviors.

For Valentine's day we are eating Jelly Beans in a little tray that has the colors separated.  This is the kind of thing that causes a child great joy and wonder!   All these little Jelly Beans for me!   Last night, for pre-Valentine's, I bought some steaks for Wren and Joshua and Beezle and even ate a bite.

"Mum, Beezle was slowly and sneakily pushing me off the couch and I didn't even notice until I fell off!" says Frost. 

"I am the Beeze God," says Wren.  "I can make any amount of Beezles at any time."

The dog is still very important.

"When Beezle barks at other dogs, Frost, his is just saying hello!  He is not being mean."
"No, Wren, dogs say hello by sniffing!"
"Oh, okay" says Wren.

I am going to become late if I don't stop typing about now.   Frost and Wren are advancing towards the kitchen singing "Jelly bean, jelly bean" to the tune of 'we will, we will, rock you ... rock you."

I should move fast to advocate for breakfast!

Wren shouts  "DUDE!  There are enough Jelly Beans for a week!  DUDE, its in plastic!"