Monday, June 4, 2007

Frosts's birthday

Every night as he goes to sleep Frost tells me he thinks about his birthday party. He plans it to be like a game of chase at school where he gets lots of cool presents *from us*.

He is full of desires - triggered by ads on TV and by passing interests - but has certain themes which recur. As of today, these are the things Frost has put on his birthday wish list (for later discussion with Grandparents!):

1) Star Wars lego minifigures especially Darth Vader and some guys with lightsabers. These are hard to procure and you end up having to buy a set such as this one to get lots of "the guys":

2) The Castle Skull Fortress by Papo

3) A playmobil Knights Market Shop

4) 3 Playmobil Green Dragon knights (& their leader)

5) Some bad guys from Papo.

6) Candy

Frost has decided to sell his current Playmobil castle and a big truck to raise money for some of his hoped-for gifts including this new castle. We shall see if this works out.


Izabell said...

when is his birthday?

Shannon said...

Its in mid-July. We will be on vacation but we'll have a birthday party for him at the end of the month. Granny is coming over from Australia so there is greater excitement than usual.

Izabell said...

how exciting for him to hve his grandmother there for the celebration:) you must be looking forward to some help too:)