Monday, August 1, 2011

Beezle. 4 months and 3 weeks old

He weighs 7.5lbs and is timid with strangers but bold from a distance.  He loves his raw venison diet but wants more food, always.


Anonymous said...

He looks very very cute - a little anxious and rather on the thin side. Mind you, Roy is rather overweight. we were told that dogs should have a 'waist' and there should be no fat 'pinch' of fat over the ribs......But Beezle is still young. love MUM

Shannon said...

Oh, he will love you saying that. Now I will feel guilty and feed him more. He gets one cup of meat daily (formulated by dog specialists based on what the Alpha Dogs eat - apparently they like organ meat!).

He licks his plate and looks hungry so we give him snacks too.

Amy said...

Beezle is adorable. Looks like your boys are really growing up!! Conference is looming & frankly I'm a little nervous about the final preparations & expectations of chairing an event of this magnitude. I hope you can make it! How's the heart doing? Josh is very well... 6 months until the next echo/ cardiology visit! So happy for that. It feels like we have been freed from prison. I hope you are all well!