Saturday, August 6, 2011

Slightly normal (what is that?)

We have moved house.  I think I mentioned that a while ago but I just wanted to make sure you knew that we have really moved.   I sleep in my new bed, Frost sleeps in his new bed (no longer a loft) and Wren has the best bedroom of all - navy blue and snuggly - but we have to keep his door closed all the time because Beezle has chosen it as his number one place to poop indoors if he can get there.

Beezle also likes to chew plastic toys, like pigs.

Frost is having a leisurely summer reading, playing Halo on X-Box and sorting and reading his Magic the Gathering collection.  Tonight he is out at a MTG FNM game as he likes to call it.  The slight intrigue, the insider knowledge of the acronym appeals to him.

Now that we have moved we are all catching up on sleep, going to bed a bit late when the dark blue sky has past 10pm and the sickle moon hovers somewhere over Phinney Ridge.  Josh told me that tonight, if the sky is visible, we may see some of the Northern Lights but I checked a short while ago and it was still murky with the sound of airplanes droning out of sight.

I just signed Wren up for another session of his favorite art class.  I am a bit rude about the class which is formulaic and skills based rather than allowing for imagination and creativity.  However, since Wren does not lack for those and adores the art class (going so far as to tell me that when he is 5 years old he is going to school at the art class!) I signed him up for another quarter of classes.

I have signed Frost up to see a writing coach this month to help encourage him to write.  Like Wren, he does not lack for creativity but I seem to have trouble putting my "summer writing boot camp" into practice.  It was the only thing his teachers asked me to encourage as Frost is not as fluent with writing as some of his classmates and this could make his projects and essays harder in 5th grade.  The writing coach says he is a bit of a perfectionist and is teaching him strategies to get words on the page in an organized and easy manner.

Both kids have been to dentists recently.  Frost had a replacement retainer (apparently his tendency to eat with the retainer in led to its early demise) fitted and Wren has 2 more fillings (to be treated in September).   Frost's teeth seem fine but they both eat too much sugar (self-flagellation <<--- here).

We are trying to finish unpacking the boxes over the next few weeks.  On my list there are some big items remaining  - we need guest room furniture, a second fridge for downstairs, some carpet underfelt to prevent casualties, an extra lounge chair, some patio furniture and a strategy for a vegetable garden.

We are still unravelling the mysteries of the in-house cabling and lighting, the home security system (to be activated next week) and the showers (one of which squirts directly out the shower door onto the tiles).  I finally figured out how to stop the dishwasher alarming incessantly when it completed its cycle and the washer dryer are so efficient I cannot keep up with the laundry folding.

Still, our clothes are unpacked and our food is in the fridge so most of the major things are done and we are almost ready for my Dad's visit at the end of the month.

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