Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back in the sunshine saddle

I was woken this morning at 8am by the partially equipt burglar alarm sounding an exterior door alert.  I staggered out the bedroom without my usual stealth, hanging Beezle like a fox stole over my forearm.  I have learned from bitter experience that one must evacuate Beezle to the garden ASAP at wake-up to prevent him taking advantage of a carpet.

The back door was shut as was the patio door so I squinted out to the garden to see if someone had gone out the basement garden door.   It was sunny.  Bright blue blinding sun shining off the she-oak in the neighbors garden.   Dew coated the deck and the windows were closed but Wren was out on the basketball court scooting rapid patterns through the angles of sun and shade.

I took Beeze out to the grass and sat on the wall by the court.

"Wren, you must tell Mum or Dad before you go outside when we are asleep."  I told him, thinking ahead till next week which his extrusion would have resulted in a burgler alarm siren after a 45 second respite.

"You have never said that rule before!"   he countered.

"Well, it is a NEW rule then.    Wow, you are fast on that scooter."  I noted.

"Its because I growed up.  God invented this rule called the growing rule where you can do different things and grow bigger but be still 4."

[I am interrupted by the site of Frost, wrapped in a blanked, running across the lawn in a covert manner clutching Beezle.   I infer that the Boys are fighting over possession of Beezle, again.   "Frost, put Beezle DOWN!  He is not a toy!"  Wren finds them and they both argue with Beezle to spit out a cherry he has found fallen from a tree.   "Maaahm... Beezle swallowed a cherry pit."   "Its okay, I think.  It will come out the other end."]

Wren does curves and swerves as he circuits the court.

"I am going to make lemonade-sicle " says Frost, retrieving a DIY Popsicle stick from Beezle.   "I have lost my lemonadesicle!"  shrieks Wren.  "MAKE ME ONE TOO!"

I imagine the neighbor flinching in the 8.45am Saturday lie-in.

"Frost, make one for Wren too."

Yesterday, we made lemonade from a bottle of lemon juice Fred left us.  I made it in a huge pantry bottle because my lemonade pitched broke last year and as a result everyone splashes lemonade when they pour it and the floor of the tiled kitchen is tacky with sugar-water.

The Sewer
Last night I had dreams about the sewer, but good ones.  This is an improvement from previous days.  While we have bought this house we have not yet sold our first home.  It went on the market last weekend and we received 5 bids, which we reviewed on Tuesday.  We accepted the best offer and they proceeded to inspection.  While the structural inspection was fine, we heard the sewer scope showed "the entire line needed replacing and it would cost $35,000.

Needless to say, that was a shock.

Lots occurred since then, but we have now resolved to replace the line from the house to the street before sale.   It will cost $9,000 and be done early next week.  Thankfully, further inspection showed the truly expensive section of sewer (sidewalk to street) was in good condition and so were saved that extra $20,000.

So, faced with a lovely truly summer day, we have some plans.  We are going to clear out the garage in the old house (to allow sewer line construction through the basement!), go hat shopping with Josh, take Beezle to the dog park and I am heading to Swansons to buy some rose medicine as our roses here have black spot (and aphids which I will treat with a hose and soapy water.)

I am much happier dealing with these things than the paint,  sewers and expenses of weeks past.

For Alex
Frost played FNM last night and got fourth.  He won two boosters.   He has been staying up till 11pm every night watching RedBox videos with Josh. When I got him to bed by 10.15pm last night, he couldn't sleep.

He doesn't know what he will today.  He says his plans are:

Stay at home.
Play video games.
Eat vegan nachos.
Lay around inside.
Watch TV.

Wren begs "Frost, Frost, wanna play Scooter Crazy Man?  I try and hit you because I am CRAZY and you try and dodge me by going FAST."

So Frost will have to add that to his days agenda.

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