Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Raccoon problem redux

Frost and Wren woke me at 7am to tell me that when they went to get breakfast the raccoon was in the kitchen trying to hit the bulk catfood container over and now it was "sitting outside the door watching us.

Wren said "I have never seen a real live raccoon before."

Here it is.

The problem is that it seems to be injured.  Its front left paw was hanging and it wasn't using it.

Now we have an injured, starving raccoon that will try and get food [aka into kitchen] and is more of a risk of being around during the day and hurting Beazle.

At least, that is my concern.

As it happened, last night Beazle woke at 4.45am and I took him out to pee.  He vanished under the deck for a long while.  I am now worried about taking him out to pee at night.  What if the raccoon was under the deck?

We have blocked off the cat door and are besieged.

The stellars jays started kicking up a fuss in the bamboo and a suspected the raccoon was still around.  A few minutes later he returned to our deck and looked at us.  I chased him away again. 

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