Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunny weekend

We had a wonderful warm sunny weekend and the boys spent a lot of time outside and running around.  Frost had two sleepovers and Beazle had a few walks and went to puppy class in Ballard.

Beazle's life has improved a great deal since Chris suggested we give him a "raw food" diet.  The food - from Primal Pets - comes frozen in little cubes and in a range of flavors.  Beazle is getting "beef" and "duck" food.  While he used to nibble his kibble he wolfs his cube of boeuf down in a second.

He also enjoys marrow bones.

I took advantage of the sun by blasting the driveway with the pressure washer our realtor loned us.  We also washed and stained the back deck, washed the front deck and made plans for painting.

I am exhausted but getting things done. 

Thanks to Tara's brunches this weekend, I managed to get some peace and relaxation in along with all the home improving.

This evening, I did some math problems with Frost.  He is very quick to get the arithmetic answers but has trouble explaining how he knows things.  Since he can be a bit disorganized, longer story problems sometimes have errors which is bad when there is not written work to explain his 4 digit answer.

Beazle with a neighborhood friend and dog (Doris).

Beazle is co-sleeping since Josh refused to continue to implement the
"cry in the crate" sleep solution.

Wren showing he is not afraid of Beazle.
If Beazle chases Wren, things look different.

The neighbors new puppy - "Daphne".  She is three weeks younger than Beazle
and he bowls her over, for now.
I am now going to bed late.  Josh is lying on the couch watching Beazle squeaking his fake squirrel.

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