Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Teacher Told Me That

Wren has become something of a know-it-all recently, eager to make judgements on my behavior and to throw in his wisdom on things that are going on.

He always ends his injunction with a nodding head and the words "I know that.  Teacher told me."

This morning I was making Frost's lunch.  Because we are low on provisions I was scraping for something sweet to put in his lunchbox and settled for chocolate chips. some graham crackers and a marshmallow.  I called out to Frost:

"You poor boy.  I hope you are not suffering too much with the terrible lunches you are getting this week."

Frost did not reply because he was reading.

"What?  What is in his lunch?" asked Wren, worried.  "Is it a bad lunch?"

"No," I said. "Its actually a good lunch.  I was only joking."

"It is not good to joke." said Wren, shaking his head and waving his pencil crayon at me.  "Teacher told me!"

"Teacher told you not to joke?"  I ask, wondering what they do at this Waldorf inspired school anyway.

"No, teacher told me in a story."

"What story?

"There is a boy farmer and its kind of like he tells jokes that a wolf is attacking THREE TIMES but then the third time one comes and all the sheep died."

"Oh! I know that story.  I am going to write this down so Granny knows you know about that story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf."

"But write 'the sheep died' in a box so that Granny doesn't know that because she doesn't like DEAD."


"Actually, put DEAD in big letters because DEAD should be in big letters."

So, now I am relieved.  It is merely the bossiness of Aesops Fables and fairy tales.  Good stories to live by :)

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful, I so enjoyed reading this. We are in Zanzibar finally and going well. Love mum