Saturday, March 12, 2011

Where did the Moms come from?

We went to Me 'n Moms in Ballard today, to drop of a large load of toys to consign.  I felt such relief to have unloaded them there that I shall probably donate them to their charity if they do not sell! 

Wren has been quite thoughtful recently.  On the way, driving along 85th through Greenwood, he asked:

"Who would be in the tummy when every body was a baby in the whole wide world?  I mean, where is their Mommies?"

I explained that many people wondered about that.  Some people said that God made the first baby.  Other people said that little animals like Scrat in Ice Age became apes and long ago some apes changed slowly to be like people.  

Wren did not buy either theory. 

"Monkeys come from Monkeys and Humans come from Humans!"  he confirmed.  "Maybe the humans came from another world?"

"Maybe in another land there everyone were lots and lots of grown-ups?  Maybe that is how it was?  I mean, I am not talking about real life NOW ...

This is very very tricky in the real-real world."

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Anonymous said...

this is very cute coming after his 'cussing ways'. just love him. I love it when he is a little boy, not trying to be a 9 yr old! MUM