Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend summary

We had a peaceful weekend.  Against the background of heavy rain and frequent checks on BBC News to learn updates on the Tsunami-earthquake-nuclear reactor situation, we went to two birthday parties, a sleepover, a soccer game and out to Indian Late-lunch.

Wren and Frost and Wren both loved Joey's birthday at the Seattle Gymnastics Academy in Salmon Bay.  It was very easy and fun and good to meet some preschool families out of the rush of dropoff and pickup.  Joey is turning 5.

"I am going to drag you back into the pit!"

Sunday morning we went over to Nic and Anna's for a small birthday tea for Leo who turned 4.  Unfortunately, Anna was at a birth and so Nic had to handle things.  We still had a great time and Wren enjoyed playing playdoh in the mini-kitchen.

The birthday boy blows and wishes
(and blows and wishes again)
Leo and Ari (his sister) with their donut birthday cakes.

Frost had his last Indoor Soccer game of the season.  Josh and I had a 'disagreement' at the game.  Josh feels that Frost should not play soccer because he is often inattentive, uncompetitive and not sufficiently motivated to support the team effort. 

Later, I watched some more tsunami footage, ran for the first time in almost a month (3 miles without incident) and ate Indian at Bengal Tiger.

The rain is still falling and news channels are playing the same videos over and over.  I am considering making an emergency plan and buying some supplies. Joshua talked through all the likely emergencies and feels we are well positioned to cope with natural disasters and should probably buy another house in the neighborhood because everyone will want to live here.

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