Friday, March 11, 2011

Wren and his cussing ways

Wren has a problem with swearing or, rather, we have a problem with Wren swearing.

This evening, I was in the other room while the boys were playing together.  I heard Wren's high little voice say to Frost:  "Crud.  You are a dumb bastard!"

"Wren!" I said.  "What on earth are you using rude words for?  That is very rude and we don't talk like that here."

Wren said "I don't love you and I don't love Frost.  I only love DADDY!"

Then he lay on the floor and yelled and fake cried.

Later, he called Frost a "Fart Face".  He routinely says "Crud" and "Dumbass."   None of us talk like this!

Okay, I will fess up to saying "Holy Smokes" a bit.  Wren's version?  "Holy CRAP!"

Frost says he learned Dumb Bastard from Futurama.  Frost may have said Holy crap once or twice... not even sure he did, and he was told off if that was the case.  I told Wren he could say "Holy Mackerel" instead and he is trying.

I am becoming very firm about his foul language but we have to figure out where he is learning it from.  Come out you cussers!  Let me see your tongues.


Anonymous said...

I am glad that you are jumping on this. It is strange and unsettling (his swearing). i dont remember Frost doing this. where has he got it all from i wonder? (I do remember Frost copying you once when we were driving to Natimuk- he was 3 and there was a truck worrying you... but that is all.)

Anna said...

And we've been hearing "God dammit!" at our house. Maybe it's Meghan...

Shannon said...

Wren is not convinced these words are bad words. He is feeling very strong feelings and so he finds them appropriate. They certainly get our attention :)

Anyway, we had a few CRUDS today but nothing worse, so far.

I think it was probably TV. None of you would say god dammit. Never. Ever.