Saturday, February 12, 2011

When the Tooth Fairy forgets

Last night Frost had a tooth fall out, unexpectedly.  I know that teeth don't usually announce their departure but, just a week before, the orthodontist (aka Awful Dentist, to Wren) had expressed a cautious optimism that Frost could avoid an extraction of the tooth which had failed to budge.  X-rays showed the underlying new tooth was pressed against it at an acute angle and it was thought that it might not exert enough force to remove it.  To help it along, the OD had loosened Frost's retainer and was hopeful that would help.

Never underestimate the will of a child faced with the threat of an extraction.  Frost said "the tooth actually kind of helped because wiggling the tooth helped give me something to do other than wiggling my retainer and I don't know why but I liked to wiggly it and I just kind of did it for fun!  After a bit I forgot about having it PULLED if it didn't come out so I just kind of helped myself by wiggling it!"

Frost bundled his tooth up in toilet paper and put it under his pillow.  I confess, since I read about stem cells being harvested from teeth whenever I see a dropped baby tooth I get all excited and think about all those stem cells in there that we could collect as insurance.  Now we know why the Tooth Fairy pays for baby teeth, she has this cryo-bank and is cultivating organs for sale on the black market!

In the morning Frost came through to Wren's room clutching his tuft of toilet paper.  The tooth fairy had been distracted and had forgotten to collect the tooth overnight!

"The Tooth Fairy FORGOT Mum."  he said, with much melodramatic winking.

"What?  Why did it forget?" asked Wren.

"Mum FORGOT!"  said Frost.

"FROST!!" I said, gesticulating madly at Wren, for whom I have not yet had a chance to dust of the story of the tooth fairy and stock his penny elephant with some coins.

"OOH!  The tooth fairy was busy."  said Frost, quickly.

"I think she was in her BOAT!"  said Wren.  "So she couldn't come.  She goes in a boat and she couldn't go in the boat."

"Perhaps it was a storm?"  I wondered.

Wren opened the curtain to check the weather.  On noticing the rain he felt that the fairy could not come in the rain because "Tooth Fairies DIE in the RAIN!"

Frost said "Will you pay me now?"  which, thankfully, went over Wren's head as he pondered the high risk employment of the tooth fairy.

I gave Frost $2 which he spent on a Mirraden Besieged Booster pack.  We went out to dinner tonight and enjoyed ITalian at Piccolo in Maple Leaf.   We played Magic the Gathering at table and did some puzzles.  Wren ate lots of spaghetti alfredo and Frost said "the spaghetti was really good.  Much better than I expected."  He was rhapsodic about the chocolate gelato.  He said "it was decadent, delicious and creamy.  I feel I have tasted it before somewhere but I can't remember...."

I am glad it is not only Old Tooth Fairies, like myself, who forget.

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