Monday, February 7, 2011

Photoshopping the Mind

Last night we went to John and Liz's housewarming.  It was a generously calorific and family friendly event (most kind for a couple who has house-rabbits but no kids) and we came home with a six-pack of home-brewed cider and some passion-fruit syrup for Frost to try in his soda-stream.   Once we were in the car Wren remembered he had left his Omnitrex (a Ben 10 artifact gifted to him by Alex).   Nobody knew where it was but Frost said:

"I know where it is!  I think.... I have a picture in my brain but my brain
may have Photoshopped it."

He ran inside to find the Omnitrex.  It was not photoshopped but was found, lying on the side-table where he remembered it.

As someone who has, in the past when sleep-deprived, accused people of taking my stuff only to find it in a place I mis-remembered, I am going to use this one in future.

Instead of saying "I am elderly, accusatory and have wronged you" I shall say "Oooooh, my brain photoshopped it.  Sorry."

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