Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hot Mama Makes Cupcakes

This morning I met up with some friends who have kids with heart defects.  We got together at the Bouncy Castles at Magnuson and the kids enjoyed bouncing for a good hour.  I arranged snacks, including ordering two dozen cupcakes from Sugarmotherbakeshop a local small business producing
Pink Ladies and Lick the Devil Cupcakes from
custom cupcakes for parties.  The business is simple - you order cupcakes and they either deliver or you pick them up at the kitchen in Ravenna - and delicious.   I highly recommend their mini Pink Ladies.  The raspberry buttercream frosting is startlingly good, good enough to tempt those of us working on losing the "post-baby-bump" before the kids graduate from elementary school.

Unfortunately, on my way to pick up the cupcakes I became lost.  I called Frost to ask him to google Sugar Mother for directions.  This was a bad move.  Apparently, SUGAR MOTHER is like porn talk for cougar (the female equivalent of Sugar Daddy).

Frost says "I found PORN SITES that said "Are you a Sugar Mother?" and it was some bachelorette show that had some half naked women on it and it was strange and it wasn't... well... it wasn't pretty!"

After making my son surf porn sites for sugar, I managed to reach the proprietor and find that there had been an error in noting directions which had led me astray.  The kitchen is a bit tricky to locate but it was worth it and we all enjoyed ourselves.

The weather is wild.  A high wind is buffeting the trees and stirring the evergreen firs in waves.  The bare poplars are opening and closing like kelp in the tide and the few leaves left from fall are scuttling along the street.   The few open blossoms on the Camellia - always the first flower in the garden - are bobbing up and down outside my window.

But its not raining.

The sun is shining in brilliant white behind broken clouds.  The brightness filtered but still too painful to look at directly.  

The Boy is playing Halo Reach and the other boy suggests "You need to fight the Scarab Tank!"

"No," says Frost.  "They just fought it."

Planning on going to the gym today.  I shall have to post another post about my problems with running.  More later.

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Brandi said...

This post made me laugh so hard!