Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Snow brings a strange luminescence to the landscape, a grey and diffuse light brighter than the usual winter morning.  After being woken too early by an automated message from the Seattle Public Schools to tell me that conferences will run as usual but middle schools will start late due to snow, Wren and I sat and looked out the window.

It was already snowing hard.  Here are the pictures from the window around 7.30am and an hour and a half later.  The snow has now changed to a smaller flake but its still accumulating.


We have been enjoying feeding the birds on the deck by the kitchen.  They are probably finding it hard to find food elsewhere and the juncos and little wagtails have visited a few times.

Frost and Alex are out in the snow at his house at Greenlake.  As usual with the first snow,  Wren has outgrown his snowsuit, lost his snow gloves and complained he was unable to bend over or move his legs in it.  We shall have to buy a new one.

We have Frost's parent-teacher conference this morning and I am not sure whether its ok to drive the van to capital hill or whether I should do a few trips and drop Josh at work in the Subaru.

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