Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sledding and Staying In

Seattle has shut down for snow, again.  Schools are closed, classes are canceled, bus routes are halved and North end shops are inundated with shoppers in 4-wheel drives loading up huge carts of food for Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, we were up at 7am and managed to stare out at the delicious sunny minus 8 degree (C or 18F) day for about 2 hours.  By 9.30am we were heading up to Dahl Field for some sledding.

I am hoping to make a little movie of some our of snow moments and photos when Blogger lets me upload them.

Otherwise, all is well.  We are enjoying the slow pace and having everyone home since Josh didn't go in to work either after his horrendous Monday evening commute which took almost 2 hours to get home.

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