Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cold come calling

This morning our breakfast was accompanied by a loud rhythmic thudding from our next-door neighbor who was splitting huge logs of timber for firewood. 

Its getting cold.   The morning paper said "Its Fall but this weekend its going to be Winter."   Temperatures, which have been around 50F ( 10 C) have suddenly fallen and today was around 40F (5C) and dropping to freezing.   According to local experts, icy air is coming down through the Fraser Valley from the arctic.  It sure feels like it.

The freezes of winter typically mark the end of mushroom season so I thought today was a last chance to explore some local forests and see what remained.   We were in luck and caught a few late chanterelles, a big bag of clitocybe nuda (Blewitts) and a large flush of chlorophyllum rachodes (Shaggy parasols).

Chris and Pascal came with me and we might still be in the woods but for the kids who were either silently resigned (their kids) or loudly anxious and WANTING TO GO HOME (Wren).

Blewitts (from last week)

Chlorophyllum Rachodes (shaggy parasols) - the red stain has faded.

My last chanterelles for 2010?

After lunch, Frost's soccer team met for the last game of the season.  It was a social between parents and kids followed by pizza at Pagliacci.  We were very luck with our soccer team this season.  It was well run and coached and supported by organized experienced parents.

They presented the coach with a gift and each player received a trophy with a photograph of themselves in action.

Here is Frost receiving his trophy.  The announcement read:  To Frost who was never gloomy and always enthusiastic.

Frost being enthusiastic about his Engraved Trophy
Wren hopes to have a trophy too one day.  He asked Frost if the trophy could be in his room but it is now on the mantlepiece.

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Heather said...

Kyler at one time was also eager to "earn" a bowling trophy and we ended up picking one up at Value Village. It's a nice trophy, compliments of Don Smith who scored a perfect 300..